Wowgrass: Interview

WOWGrass are known as the people to grass any venue. And we mean any venue!

Pearl and Pear quizzed the experts of soil on how it all began.

Tell us all about the company…

WowGrass is real grass.. it’s fresh, alive and soil-free! It’s a unique product that can be laid indoors as well as outdoors, anywhere really. It can cover furniture and walls, anything you can visualise. It’s use is limited purely by your imagination!

WowGrass is designed to be versatile, and we love a challenge. It can be used in any situation and location, both UK and worldwide. Its the perfect alternative surface for experiential events, weddings and parties.

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Why grass, where did this idea come from?

We’ve been in the business now for over 25 years! Established in 1985, it is an innovative company renowned for high quality products and customer service. The idea came from the love of new and exciting projects. The whole team actually prides itself on delivering the very highest standard of service to all clients. Bringing ideas to life is our mission, and creating memorable events!

You come so far… what has been your biggest venue or concept to date?

Turfing Trafalgar Square… a huge area and open to the public so there were hundreds of people that got to enjoy it!

We always hear such incredible feedback, and have seen some amazing events first-hand. What has been your proudest business moments to date?

The transformation of York Minster was truly stunning. The central space of the Minster was transformed by almost 1,500 square meters of WowGrass for the York Minster Rose Dinner which was attended by 900 guests.  The dinner was held to raise as much money as possible for the conservation and restoration of the spectacular Rose window.  The events team wanted to create the feel of a rose garden inside the Minster.  The soil-free real grass floor created an incredible experience for the guests attending this very special evening.  It also softened the acoustics in this fabulous venue which really enhanced the atmosphere.

Trafalgar Square was also pretty spectacular, to see our grass installed at such an iconic London landmark and watch so many members of the public sit on and enjoy our Grass was a proud moment for the team.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

I think our biggest challenge is getting our audience to realise how truly unique this product is.

People still do not realise that we are actually real … YES REAL Grass. Whether that’s indoors, or outdoors…. or anywhere you like.

Also when we come to remove the grass after an event we roll up the grass and because there is no soil, there is no mud left behind. Some of the fantastic venues in London are always worried about damage to floors but we have won a lot over now they have seen what the product can do.

Everyone has a dream event, or venue… what venue do you dream about grassing?

Our dream isn’t so much a venue but more a destination. We would love to see WowGrass at overseas events eventually.

We’re so excited for the future of WOWGrass… can you tell us what we can expect from you over the next couple of years??

We are always looking to take WowGrass to the next level. Whether this is at a bigger venue or bigger event. We hope to branch out overseas and see what venues await. Watch this space!

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