Ultraviolet – 2018 trends to watch out for!

Pantone have announced their colour of 2018, Ultraviolet. The vibrant purple was introduced as one of the inventive and imaginative, Ultraviolet lights the way to what is yet to come. This year’s shade is expected to be the must-include trend throughout event styling and design. Whether it be subtle shades throughout the floristry or an entire theme.

Last year we saw green paint themes across events and parties – this year we’re excited for a creative inspiration from a vibrant colour palette. After a month’s trial we’ve been in touch with our Curated Suppliers to piece together exciting new styling ideas and inspiration. Recreate yours at home, we’d love to know how you get on!

Ultraviolet and event styling

 When discussing Pantone’s latest announcement, event stylists and planners give a range of opinions. Lauren, Creative Director at Bluebird Creative tells us what she expects from this year’s trends.

“It’s still early days, but I don’t expect to see as much coming through as last year’s colour, ‘Greenery’. In fact speaking to others in the industry Ultraviolet doesn’t seem to be too popular. However, I do think that there will be interpretations of it seeping through. Perhaps slightly toned down shades and lilacs, entirely depending on the event of course!”

Story, creative and bespoke events agency agree, although highlighting the important influence of trends on events.

“The pantone colour of the year doesn’t tend to be a focal point for us in terms of event trends. Our styling and themes are mainly due to our client base. However, we do feel that as a creative agency, it is important for us to know what can be influencing brands and cultures. This ensures we are always up to date with the ever shape shifting life of London.”

Creative events and styling agency The Edit build on the idea of incorporating Ultraviolet through a larger event theme. As well, the team apply their knowledge of trends when highlighting the smaller, yet impactful, details.

 “We strongly believe that an event theme, and colour, needs to be impactful. For a show-stopping entrance or audience reveal UV (Ultraviolet) can be used to engage the audience and present an exciting entertainment feature. We personally think this would work for large events and parties. For those smaller, intimate and intricate briefs perhaps Ultraviolet flowers entwined within the tablescape to add gorgeous pops of colours!”

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Ultraviolet and floristry

Hybrid are super-creative and love tackling a creative brief. Caroline, Director provides us with exciting news when thinking about beautiful flowers and a violet colour palette.

“Whenever we are given a brief to create flowers for events that are ‘bold, vibrant and strong’, we always think of violet. Violet has the power to anchor and give depth to so many other colours and floral design combinations.

The colour violet is named after the unassuming but oh-so-powerful flower of the same name, a flower which is very special to me. First of all it brings great joy to us Brits as one of the first flowers of the year. It’s a little woodland bloom which you can even find in January. As well, it’s the month in which my first daughter, Violet was born. It is a probably one of the deepest and most intense colours in the natural world and in the flower and events scene. It always creates drama and impact.

This year’s Pantone colour of the year, Ultraviolet is so significant that we felt it warranted further praise and reverence from our friend and Applied Colour Psychology Practitioner, Karen.

“The Ultraviolet ray is the last colour before the invisible and with Pantone’s Colour of the Year this reflects stepping into the unknown. It’s the ideal hue to reflect taking a leap of faith and connecting to our inner self, our intuition and taking our self-awareness beyond our current thinking.” – powerful!

Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychology Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor.

 Stationery designs and entwining Ultraviolet

 A vibrant beautiful colour should only be matched with gorgeous vibrant designs. Ananya Cards, luxury multi-award winning event stationer shares her insight into this year’s expectations.

“We at Ananya applaud Pantone’s choice for what we call ‘a colour with a conscience’. It would make a great colour choice for events and special occasions where a celebration is based on mindfulness.

Ultraviolet is a rich, deep colour; paired with crisp white will show it off beautifully. Silver and gold tones would add a really… even regally… dramatic effect. Soft tones of grey, pale pink or cream would also look wonderful and would tone down the intensity of the Ultraviolet. A lovely colour for milestone birthdays, summer soirees, intimate dinner parties and more.

We at Ananya suspect that designers and fashion houses will embrace and flaunt this provocative and intense colour; a clarion call to the world to envision, discover, and co-create a world of new possibilities.”

Ultraviolet, 2018, trends, design, Luxury Events, Luxury Parties, Party Planning, Event Planning, Event Inspiration

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