As Twilight Trees turn 5, we talk with CEO, Susie

Twilight Trees has been adding glamour and elegance to events since 2014. These are artificial trees of exceptional quality with a rental service that is second to none.

Twilight Trees have established a faultless reputation within the industry and their product range is unrivalled. The LED tree range includes Cherry, Maple and Palm trees, which create an instant wow factor and a sparkling atmosphere. The floral ‘Trees in Bloom’ range comes in shades of white and pink, they offer large-scale flora without the restrictions of seasonality. ‘Trees in Green’ and ‘Trees in Gold’ are bold, leafy, majestic and the ultimate showstopper.

Twilight Trees have lit up venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Burlington Arcade, the Dorchester and Historic Royal Palaces. The professional team will deliver and collect at your convenience and set up the trees quickly and efficiently leaving you to simply enjoy the trees.

These trees are scene setting, breath taking and guaranteed to set you event our apart the crowd.

Why trees? Where did this business idea come from?

“The trees were a lucky find and a matter of instinct. When I discovered them I absolutely fell in love with them. They started as a retail opportunity but with rentals at the back of my mind.  It quickly became apparent that the rental market was a real opportunity and it was then that the business of today really started to take shape.”

You have come so far… what has been the biggest concept so far?

“At the beginning, we were ‘The LED Tree Company’ but it was when we branched into non-LED trees that the collections started to form and it got really exciting. Trees in Bloom was the turning point and the concept of non LED trees turned out to be a really successful one. We have since launched, Trees in Green and Trees in Gold and watch this space for more to come.”

What was the ‘tipping point’ for your business when you knew you were onto something…?

About 11 months in I was asked to do the Linley Christmas party. This in itself was really exciting but it was the response that I hadn’t prepared myself for, people went mad for the trees. Everyone asked for our cards and we were inundated with enquiries, it was a game changer and I knew that this really was the real deal.”

Many entrepreneurs start their career as a solo entity – what inspired you to take the jump and who were your biggest support/mentors?

“When I get an instinct, an idea, a sniff of something exciting I am hard to dissuade. There was something about these trees that I couldn’t shake and I just knew I had to go for it. My family are great supporters and I have some terrific role models in my life. My father and brother both run their own businesses and I like to think that I have the same work ethic. We like to work hard and play hard of course!”

We always hear such incredible feedback, and have seen some amazing events first-hand… what has been your proudest business moment to date?

“There have been many, when you run your own small business part of the thrill is the pride you are able to take in both the big and the small. I have to say that one of the things I am most proud of is the team we have created. We had the whole team together for our Christmas party last year and it was by far our biggest team to date. Just sitting there watching the dynamic and the bond we all have together made me incredibly proud. That’s what we’ve created, a truly awesome team without whom we would not be able to do what we do and I literally think that is the most exciting thing.”

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

“Challenges come in all shapes and sizes. We have had some incredibly tight turnaround times, which are always a great challenge. One that springs to mind was this incredible event held at the Natural History Museum. We had two hours from the close of the museum to turn it from a museum into a wonderland. There were people on a mission everywhere you looked and we all became a bit of a machine. We met the deadline and the event space was really something else. The wine was very well deserved that night!”

Everyone has a dream event or venue… what venue do you dream about working in?

“I would love to work at the Serpentine. I think it’s an amazing space with a unique set of ingredients that make it very special. The vibe there is magical.”

We’re so excited for the future of Twilight Trees… can you tell us what we can expect from you over the next couple of years??

“I would absolutely love a crystal ball! What I can tell you is that we’re expanding the team, which I am so very excited about! We also very much aim to stay ahead of the game when it comes to trend prediction, design, and innovation. Watch this space for more tree ranges and maybe a little sideline if the stars align!”

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