Be whisked away – Meringue Girls interview!

Meringue Girls are known for their gorgeous bitesize desserts in every colour of the rainbow.

Pearl and Pear quizzed the Founders on how it all began.

Tell us about the Meringue Girls!

The Meringue Girls story began in 2012 when founders Alex @alexhoffler & Stacey @stacey.o.gorman met working in a Hackney kitchen. Fast forward five years and not only do we have a third business partner, Sylvia @justsylv but Meringue Girls has grown to an amazing team of women. We are ready to take over the sweet world, one meringue kiss at a time.

We have our own bakery in the bustling foodie hub of Broadway Market where we bake all our sweet treats. Everything from meringue kisses, gluten free brownies, vegan bites, pavlovas and macarons.

Meringue Girls interview with Pearl and Pear, London, Holly Clark, Sarah Kay

WOW! In five years, you have come so far…from an East London kitchen to an influential confectionary brand being shown off in Selfridges and Italian Vogue! How does it feel?

It feels amazing, and almost surreal. We are all so proud and astonished at just how far we have come.   I remember when the brand was just being started, baking from home & working nights and we never thought it would take off the way it did.

It must have been quite the journey, what are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt?

Well, there are always problems to overcome, and we have faced our fair share, but we’ve come through them as a team.

The biggest lesson we​’ve learnt is how to properly plan for big orders and events. In the early days, we took on some big jobs and then had to work ourselves into the ground to get everything done. Now, we know our capabilities and we know what we need to do to go above and beyond.

Why meringues?

Stacey and I met and bonded over our love of sweet things and saw a gap in the market with meringues. The market was crying out for an innovative, inspirational, colourful, girl power baking brand.

Meringue kisses are the perfect bitesize tasty treat.   They are super colourful, and we have a whole menu of gorgeous flavours so they appeal to everyone, from raspberry and lemon sherbet, to pistachio and rose, and everything else in between.

We are stocked in Selfridges London and since ​just recently, Harrods (can we get a woop woop!).  We also have a market stall at the super cool Broadway Market every Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  Our stall is located towards the north end of the market, opposite Hill & Szrok. Look out for the rainbow!

We mainly work on weddings, fashion parties, and birthdays.  We do a lot of bespoke work, matching colour kisses to colour schemes and menus, and coming up with brand new delicious gluten and dairy free options for our lovely customers.

Meringue Girls interview with Pearl and Pear, London, Holly Clark, Sarah Kay

What do you think are the perfect ingredients for a tasty sweet treat?

We believe that less is more. Using fresh ingredients and clean flavours, and not overcomplicating the meringues. High quality ingredients make such a difference.

You’ve been so busy! Quaglino’s, Topshop, Sydney Meringue Demonstrations and edible rugs at Tate and Lyle… what has been your favourite event to date?

Ahhh there have been so many fun events, each one amazing for its own reason.  No day is the same in the life of an MG.  We get so excited every day when a new amazing brand gets in touch.  We love working with sportswear brands like Adidas, as they always give us new trainers haha.

We’ve personally catered some amazing weddings abroad, we’ve flown to India twice, Florence, Tuscany, Puglia.. to set up ‘street food’ style pavlova stalls, brownie bars and kiss booths. We love to travel.

Meringue Girls interview with Pearl and Pear, London, Holly Clark, Sarah Kay

From this we understand that meringues are such delicate tools to work with, what has been your most challenging event?

We have made edible rugs, edible walls, edible everything!  We love a challenge.

One of our fave creations is a cake called the ‘Over The Rainbow Cake’, where we collaborated with Fondant Fox.  Its a gravity defying rainbow of kisses & cake.  At the end of the rainbow are two sponges decorated with Persian rosewater fairy floss. It’s a real show-stopper as well as a delicious, decadent cake.​

We love your extravagant products, Unicorn Poo and Gin and Tonic Meringues… if you could choose, what are your favourite products, and flavours?

We are the willy wonkas of meringues, we’ve been asked to come up with so many interesting flavours – from bergamot & rose to match a scented candle, to roulette kisses where each one is a surprise ​for people to guess​.

I love eating our gluten & dairy free brownies, which are made with coconut flour & coconut oil. I also adore our vegan salted caramel slice, made with oats, almonds & dates. Its a winner.

Finally, you showcase some fantastic recipes on your site… baking a meringue is no way as easy as it looks, do you have any insider knowledge to reveal to create the perfect treat?

Practice, practice and more practice! That sounds hardcore but just think of all the tasty treats you’ll have along the way 🙂

We have two cookbooks – Meringue Girls Cookbook, and Everything Sweet with heaps of inspo & easy step by steps.  We also have some online classes coming soon and our weekly masterclasses at the bakery have been rated by the Evening Standard & Foodism as one of the best in London.

They are super fun and hands on – our classes run for for approximately 2.5 hours. Its £70pp which includes delicious snacks, Prosecco, and all the meringues you can eat. Also, students get to learn the magic of making of meringue – mixing, colouring, flavouring, piping & packaging.  Everything is taken home in beautiful boxes.

Meringue Girls interview with Pearl and Pear, London, Holly Clark, Sarah Kay

In conclusion, hear more from Meringue Girls through their Pearl and Pear profile here.

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