How To Create a Harry Potter Theme Party

October is the month to focus on the spooky, magical and out of the ordinary. For this Expert Series we have focused on creating a Harry Potter themed event. Transport your guests via boat, carriage or train to Hogwarts with our Curated Supplier’s top tips.

Key Styling Tips

A key starting point for any themed event is understanding the look and feel you’d like to achieve. We’ve asked Dazzle & Fizz, Children’s Party Planners for their top tips and insider secrets for a Harry Potter extravaganza.

 “Harry Potter is actually a great theme for a DIY party and you can create some big impact pieces at home…

The Potions Room

Use old bottles and jars to create a potions room. A variety of sizes, shapes and colours works best. Make sure that you fill each bottle with a different creepy ‘potion’.

Top Tip – use different coloured and textured liquids to add interest. We find chunky glitter in light liquids looks just fabulous!”

Floating Candles

“At Dazzle & Fizz we can also make a floating candles installation, which looks fantastic over a dining table.

To recreate you will need a dozen swimming noodles, a glue gun, small battery operated tea lights, white spray paint, a well ventilated space and plenty of time. As well as patience!


Start by cutting the swimming noodles in to different sized pieces – these are the candles

Next, using your glue gun, glue a tea light to the top of each candle.

Then, continue applying hot glue around the top and sides of the ‘candle’ to look like melted wax.

Once this has dried, spray the whole piece with a white spray paint. The swimming noodles are super absorbent, so you will need a lot of layers.

Once your candle is completely white, use an orange paint and medium-fine paint brush to paint a bright orange flame on top of each tea light and voila!

Use fishing wire to elevate the candles over your table and appear like they are magically floating!

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“For full room transformations, Boo Productions are a great source and very creative. If you want large individual props, you can always check out Event Prop Hire. For an authentic finish however, we recommend scouring antique shops, or searching unique prop houses such as those used by television and film production companies.”

Charlotte Brisco, Dazzle & Fizz

Harry Potter, Themed Event, Halloween Events, Event Professionals, Event Planning, Event Decor, Top Tips, The Expert Series, Pearl & Pear, London, UK, Sarah Kay, Holly Clark

 Food, Drink & Sweet Treats

 Pearl & Pear Curated Supplier MonAnnie Cakes, a bespoke confectionery and dessert company, specialise in intricate design and personalised briefs. Together with Dazzle & Fizz they have suggested a table full of treats, and savoury bites for a Harry Potter party.

“It’s easy to recreate beautiful cupcakes with characters from the books and films by adding some wafer paper decorations. Ready printed Harry Potter wafer paper decorations can be purchased online. Try this set

If you’d like something a little more creative a great play on ‘Bertie Bott’s’ flavour jelly beans can be done by making different flavours of jelly. You could place them into a small dessert cup, and finish the dish with a scoop of ice cream. Guests then get to guess what flavour they’re going to get from their cup – exciting!

Fen Bolodeoku, MonAnnie Cakes

Harry Potter, Themed Event, Halloween Events, Event Professionals, Event Planning, Event Decor, Top Tips, The Expert Series, Pearl & Pear, London, UK, Sarah Kay, Holly Clark

Charlotte, Dazzle & Fizz agrees with sweet delicacies, adding ‘Golden Snitch Cake Pops’ which can be viewed across many YouTube tutorials here. In addition to desserts, savoury snacks add a variety to food stations.

‘Slytherin Snake Baguettes’ are an easy addition, and super quick to recreate at home. Simply fill the baguette with your chosen filling, cut it up in to approximately 8cm portions and arrange in to the shape of a winding serpent. Add two olives to the front baguette as eyes and a turkey-ham tongue!

 The Entertainment

“You do not have to have an expensive venue to create an immersive, wow experience. Additional entertainment can always take a theme to a whole new level!

The acts used for a harry potter themed event should be really magical and mystical with a sense of fun and playfulness to them.”

Tori Just, Founder at Just Talent places entertainment at the heart of the event and she’s arranged exclusive entertainment acts for a Harry Potter theme.

 1. Meet & Greet Acts

“On entrance Harry Potter themed actors would work to meet and greet guests as they arrive. The well-known characters such as Hagrid and living statues to act as the characters would bring the event to life.”

Harry Potter, Themed Event, Halloween Events, Event Professionals, Event Planning, Event Decor, Top Tips, The Expert Series, Pearl & Pear, London, UK, Sarah Kay, Holly Clark

 Just Talent acts also include a fantastic collection of close up magicians, that can always dress as your favourite witch or wizard.

2. Mid-show Entertainment

For a mid-event show an aerial and fire act would be incredibly effective, dressed to match the theme it would be a fantastic way to break up the evening. Why not use a Harry Potter soundtrack, and include smoke machines for extra effect.

(*note please do check that your venue has appropriate rigging points and allow fire acts).

There’s so many exciting extras that can be used for a magical theme, you can let the creativity go to a whole new level. The incredible Lick Me I’m Delicious collection includes Edible Orb Mist as well as Nitro-Ice Cream.

As well as immersive edible experiences, include a Harry Potter themed photobooth with harry potter props and costumes to snap a shot of your guests. Also providing the perfect take home memento.

All is well.

— — —

We would love to see pictures of your events, and hear your feedback on how you’ve got on. Share with us @pearlandpear.

Also, you can find more information from The Expert Series, and our Curated Suppliers expertise here.

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