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Dazzle & Fizz are the true experts when it comes to planning any children’s birthday party, and party games. Creating parties that every child would fall in love with and every adult dreams of attending! As a result, they have their own Children’s entertainment team, knowing how to host a collection of party games. Pearl & Pear were lucky enough to gain insider knowledge from Dazzle & Fizz’s own founder, Charlotte. Focusing on the top 10 children’s party games – and how to keep everyone entertained…

Top 10 children’s party games

If you can keep the children happy at a party, then the grown ups will be happy too – this is our belief. It can be achieved by offering a range of activities and party games for even the most discerning and energetic child. Below we discuss some of our favourite party games and how you can make them a success at your own party.

party games for children's parties

First, Dazzle & Fizz Party Games top tips:

Everyone is a winner! It is a birthday party after all – let’s park the competitive streak for a little while and just have fun. Eliminating little ones from your party games will lead to tears and tantrums. Best to avoid!

Alternate between lively and quiet party games, as a result you will avoid over-excitement too early on.

Down a few expressos beforehand! You will needs tons of energy to keep the children engaged. If you want them to dance and jump – you need to be dancing and jumping much higher. The bonus is that you won’t need to go to the gym that weekend.

Always plan more party games than you think you’ll need. That way, you’re well equipped for every eventuality. Some party games will also be weather dependent too.

Have fun! Enjoy yourself! And play! Kids are brilliant at playing and have the most fertile imaginations, use this throughout the show as another way to engage the children.

Finally, give out prizes to all throughout the games and activities – linking back to avoiding those tantrums again!

Onto the games…

1. Musical Statues (yet, with a twist)

An absolute classic of a game – hence why it is still as popular today as when we were children.

We all know the rules – funky dance moves whilst the music is on and then freeze when it stops. Of course no movement is allowed at all.

Two ways of making the game more modern are as follows.

One – being a little bit cheeky by trying to make the children laugh in their statues (a funny face usually works)! If they do laugh you can simply carry on with the game – no need to eliminate anyone.

Secondly, whilst they are in their statue form explain that you will close your eyes for 3 seconds and you want them to use their imaginations and whole body/ face to turn themselves into their favourite Superhero/ Princess/ Dinosaur, etc. You then go around and inspect their creations and give prizes to the best ones. 

This is a really energetic and fun game with a chance for the children to use their imaginations and burn off some energy too.

2. Limbo

This game is perfect for all ages and very simple to do with just a piece of rope and two adults.

Simply line the children up (with the birthday child at the front – obviously) and then plot their journey – under the rope around one of the adults and straight to the back of the queue ready for another turn. Each time the children have a turn the rope gets lower and lower.

Toddlers all the way up to grandparents (believe me I have seen grandparents play this game) love this game. It can be made more accessible by allowing the children to go under the rope any way they choose – backwards, forwards, rolling, sliding on their knees –  this will engage more children and also mean they can all play throughout.

3. Magic Blanket

A perfect mix of action, observation skills and imagination; and this is the game that I find children respond to most.

Start by dancing with the music on, then this time when it stops they must make a magical pebble on the ground (crouched as small as they can be with their eyes closed – or else the magic won’t work) and then armed with your blanket (or similar) you choose the best dancer to make disappear.

You then gather all of the other children around who then have to work out which one of their friends is missing – this has to be worked out before the child can magically re-appear. Our fun still continues though as the magic blanket also whisks children off to their most favourite place in their imagination (pirate ship, princess castle or superhero lair can all be reached with the magic blanket).

Not only do the children get to dance, they get to use their deductive skills and ultimately their imaginations. Magic blanket is a real crowd pleaser for children of all ages.

4. Pass the Parcel – what a classic!

This game is a mainstay of children’s parties to this day, and you can see why.

There is music, a present, and the chance to win something – what’s not to love?! Although this game is very popular there are two things to avoid:

A) Making a layer for EVERY child, it simply makes the game too long. We recommend that you make roughly 8 layers and then give our prizes to all the children afterwards.

B) Using more than one pass the parcel. It is impossible to keep track of who has won, and you will inevitably end up with one child who has won all the sweets. Really happy child, really unhappy grown-up.

5. Port | Starboard

This game is very easily adapted to the theme of your party.

Whilst the music is on you get the children dancing and moving – when it stops you give them instructions that they need to follow as quickly as possible.

Each corner of the room is designated differently and the children have to travel between them as you give them the instructions. A perfect blend of action and concentration with some space in there to try and catch some of the children out.

party games for children's parties

6. Card Balancing

All you need is a piece of music and a pack of cards; card balancing is a game that all children really invest in.

Whilst dancing and moving with their card they await the music to stop. Once it does you dare and challenge the children to balance their card on different parts of their bodies (heads, elbows, toes, etc).

In this game the real fun comes from the children always being able to perform your impossible balancing challenges – each time they can chant “EASY!” back at you until you come up with the next impossible challenge. Again, everyone is a winner and so the mood remains joyful.

7. Conga

This game is multi-purpose – not only do the children enjoy travelling around the space, waving to their grown-ups; you can also finish the game off at the lunch table.

This means you have successfully managed to escort 30 children from one part of the room to another in a fun and organised way. No mean feat – I am sure you will agree.

8. Sports Games

We all remember back to our sports days on the school field – you can easily relive the memories by playing some of our favourite sports day races. These include: egg and spoon race, three-legged race, sack race and – of course – a classic running race. These games can be played as individuals or as teams and are perfect for indoor and outdoor parties.

9. Parachute Games

A perfect game that appeals to children of all ages. It is a fantastic way to bring the focus and energy right down, whilst still letting the children have fun.

There are several games you can play with a parachute, but our favourite has to be “Balloon Catch”. All of the children take it in turns to sit in the middle of the parachute whist the other children shake it. Each competitor then has ten seconds to catch and hold on to as many balloons as possible. Take it in turns and present the winner with a prize.

10. Balloon Waddle Race

This is a game where grownups and their cameras must be at the ready – split the children into two teams and line them up. Each team armed with a balloon – that must be held between their knees – has to complete the relay course. First team back in a line sitting down is the winner.

A really high energy team game with comedy runs assured throughout.


In conclusion, delivering games yourself can be a lot of fun – if you follow our guide above you are sure to be a hit at your children’s party.

Remember – enjoy yourself, let yourself play and tons of energy! It’s that simple.



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