Top 10 Ice Cream spots to try in London ūüć¶

Ice cream is a sweet treat best enjoyed on a hot summer’s day. Whether it’s a soft serve classic vanilla, or a piled-high mountain full of weird and wonderful toppings. This week we’ve had the tough task of finding you the top 10 ice cream parlour’s in London this summer. Warning: this post is full of mouth-watering, jaw-dropping sugar packed treats!

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1. Gelatorino Ice Cream

The real Gelato experience.¬†Gelatorino is not just another Italian Gelateria. Their aim is to bring to life the whole gelato experience ‚Äď its traditions, flavours and textures. All top ingredients from¬†the regions of Italy. As well as a¬†skilled ‚Äėgelataio‚Äô who understands how to blend and combine ingredients. Just in case you can’t choose yourself!

LOCATION: Covent Garden, 2 Russell Street

2. Ruby Violet

Ruby Violet use the most simple or unusual ingredients to create an array of pure and natural ice cream flavours with stunning colours and tastes to behold. Their flavour list is endless including Hot Cross Bun and Gin & Tonic. As well as Cornflakes’ milk.

LOCATION: Tufnell Park, 118 Fortess Road & Kings Cross, Midland Goods Shed

3. Udderlicious

Their ice cream and sorbets are all hand-moo’d¬†in store. The ice cream is pasteurised, whisked, poured, churned and frozen with love and care.¬†To make sure you get only the good stuff with every single lick, they say they’re committed to using the best ingredients. Also, every month they ask you to pick which licks they stock in the freezer – keeping things fresh, new and definitely exciting!

LOCATION: Islington, 187 Upper Street

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

4. Chin Chin Labs

Where Nitro ice cream is frozen to order whilst amusing customers with clouds of liquid nitrogen-generated steam. A wacky invention right in the heart of Camden! With four or five kooky flavours, changing on a weekly basis, this is the place to try something new!

(For an extra sweet tooth, we recommend trying their cookie sandwiches – yum!)

LOCATION: Camden Market, 49-50 Camden Lock Place

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

 5. The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason

A truly decadent ice cream experience, The Parlour offers artisan coffee, sandwiches and much-loved ice cream classics. As well as innovative new flavours – many found nowhere else in the world. Intrigued? Grab a spoon!

LOCATION: Piccadilly Circus, 181 Piccadilly (Flagship Store)

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

6. Soft Serve

This charming dessert bar specialises in creating uniquely delightful, premium, soft serve ice cream flavours.¬†Choose from your standard ice cream on a cone (black or original), or treat yourself and get a freakshake! This is not your average ice cream parlour. And it’s very instagrammable!

LOCATION: Shoreditch, 2-10 Bethnal Green Road

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

7. Yorica

Yorica! is introduced as the ‘groovy new word in healthy and free-from treats’.¬†All recipes and ingredients are dairy, egg, nut and gluten free and without an animal product in sight. Vegan ice cream? Yes you heard right!

LOCATION: Tottenham Court Road, 130 Wardour Street

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

8. Milk Train Cafe

Milk Train offers a unique experience altogether. Soft serve wrapped in candy floss. The dream if you ask us!¬†Founders Mike and Kylie say that ‘the candyfloss was originally a solution to take the edge off savoury flavours’.

 LOCATION: Leicester Square, 44 Bedford St

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

9. Bubblewrap

A homemade egg waffle wrapped around scoops of delicious ice cream, and a mountain of your chosen topping. It’s a struggle to hold it in one hand, but these desserts are worth every bite! Flavours include Matcha, Kit Kat and Oreos. As well as Salt & Pepper with Avocado.

LOCATION: Tottenham Court Road, 24 Wardour Street

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

10. Greedy Goat

Greedy Goat’s desserts are lactose-free, and healthy. Created from Goats milk, including 10% less lactose than Cows.¬†What you will find with Greedy Goat ice cream is a delicious, guilt-free option, made with high-quality, British ingredients!

LOCATION: Borough Market

Ice Cream spots in London Top 10

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