Interview: Head of Events at The Savoy

Ever wanted to know the insider secrets behind those glamorous Savoy doors? We’ve caught up with Jason, the Director of Events to find out for you.

Tell us a little about you…

I graduated from Hospitality Management in Switzerland. I then moved to London where I worked for Jumeirah for seven years and later joined The Savoy in January 2013 as Director of Group and Events Sales.

Having been at The Savoy for 4 and a half years, you clearly love your venue… what is it that you love the most?

I work for the best with the best!

Being such an iconic London venue, The Savoy most have amazing features – what are your favourite?

The views, especially when it is dark and you can see the London Skyline and all iconic landmarks all lit up.

We’ve heard that the turning circle for the Savoy is also one of the only places in London that requires cars to drive on the right side of the road so that guests can board and exit from the driver’s side of a car… what’s your favourite fact about the hotel?

Our connection with Winston Churchill and The Other Club. The Other Club was founded in 1910 and have hosted their events at The Savoy ever since. With the only exception of when the hotel was closed for refurbishment!

During your time at The Savoy, what has been the most impressive event so far?

“I would have to say it was the Brits Aftershow Party. It was a truly memorable event that I will treasure for years to come.”

… and if you can choose, what would be your favourite?

It is difficult to name a specific event. The beauty of our product is that we can host a variety of innovative and imaginative events, whether it is launch parties, press junkets, conferences or our famous Savoy Weddings. Every event is special and in a certain way each are a personal favourite of mine.

I’m sure on a daily basis you go above and beyond for your clients, can you name a personal touch that you love?

Our dedicated and treasured Savoy colleagues. There’s Sean our Head Butler and Tony, our Head Doorman just to name a few! Our team consistently go above and beyond to deliver seamless service and provide our guests with magical Savoy memories to cherish.

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