Quick Fire Questions with Our Co-Founder Sarah Kay

“Utterly obsessed with events and passionate about creativity.”

Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay, one half of the brains behind Pearl & Pear and known as one of the most passionate event minds in the industry, shares her experience with us. Her career has seen her work with some of the best, including high profile brands from No.7 to Waitrose. Now, founder of The Edit, a creative event agency sees her building a team again. Her previous years have seen her launch award winning agency, Story as well as heading up the bespoke agency MASK.

Also, working alongside extraordinary suppliers has allowed Sarah to gain some fantastic contacts and knowledge on who is best for what in the industry. A crucial treasure trove of information when piecing together our curated suppliers.

20 Quick Fire Questions…

Comfortable? Lets go…

Early riser or night owl? Early riser.

What’s for breakfast to set you up for the day? Either scrambled or poached eggs with avocado on rye or oats with almond milk, frozen blueberries and peanut butter.

Favourite choice of workout? Classes (Barrecore, 1Rebel, TRX) or home workouts (Kayla Itsines BBG or Rachel Attard’s online workouts) with my range of gold weights.

What’s in your handbag at the moment? My life! My notepad, lots of pens, generally some spare shoes, some make up, sometimes my gym kit. Also, always my laptop – I carry my world with me, just in case!

What is your star sign and how do you embody it? Libra. Librans are balanced and calm. I am calm person especially under pressure and I am always trying to ensure my life is balanced. I think I’m a typical Libran.

Favourite place on Earth? This is a tricky one. I fell in love with Thailand and I adore being by the sea but at the end of the day it could be anywhere with my loved ones.

Favourite event ever? What a hard question! There’s a lot. I ran a festival themed event at Sushi Samba which involved grassing the space 38 and 39 floors up, creating a secret garden room, theming all the terraces, building a main stage for the Stereophonics to perform and styling all the staff (to name a few of the fun things that went on). It meant 24 hours straight of being on site and a lot of hard work but I loved it.

What are you doing for the rest of the day? I started the day early with a breakfast event focussing on social media followed by lots of meetings so I’m going to head home, workout and make a good dinner for friends coming round.

One thing you can’t live without? My loved ones. Life also wouldn’t be as fun without champagne though!

Who inspires you? People that follow their dreams, work hard and achieve success. That’s lots of people, some I know and some I don’t. I find creating your own success extremely inspiring.

Why did you decide to get into the events industry? It’s the perfect industry for me and I think I have the best job in the world – I am obsessed with events and love coming to work every day. It combines my love of being creative, organised, problem solving, budgeting, being sociable and making people smile. Once I realised it, it was the obvious choice. 

Is there a particular event that evokes a positive memory for you and why? When I was little lots of family weddings were held at my grandparents house in a marquee as they had lots of land. Therefore so many happy childhood memories involve marquees! Nowadays I’m not always a fan of every marquee however there’s something so exciting about an event being built from scratch and created for a limited time to house a wonderful day. I think I like the drama and excessiveness of it – it makes it feel very special!

What’s your top tip for planning an event? You can choose two max!

Think about what you’re trying to achieve. That may be a brand message, a certain atmosphere or even just a feeling of celebration. As a result, if you keep this in mind every time you’re making a decision, you’re likely to achieve your objectives.

Think about the guest journey – do this from start to finish – from the moment they receive the invite to the moment they leave and how they feel after the event. As a result, this will help you spot anything you’ve not thought about and allow you to understand where is best to spend your budget and where you could save.

Can you name something you’ve bought that you would never give away, and why you wouldn’t? To be honest there’s nothing. I’m not very materialistic. We had a house fire when I was around 15 and I lost everything I owned – after that you don’t worry too much about possessions as they’re replaceable. While relationships and experience are far more key to me.

What is on your dinner party playlist? I always ask someone else to do the playlist, I can’t handle the pressure!

Top 5 dinner party guests? So many people but I think an interesting dinner party would be: Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Coco Chanel, Elle De Generes, David Attenborough. A random mix I know but I’d love to chat to them all!

If you weren’t in events what would you be doing? I can’t imagine not being in events as I love it. Yet I do love the health and fitness industry so that’d be a good alternative.

What advice would you give to your teenage self? Don’t worry – it’ll all work out and you’ll end up doing something you love surrounded by amazing people. You’ll learn to care less about what people think, worry less about things you can’t change and you’ll have lots of fun. Also straighteners will be invented! Therefore frizzy hair wont be a long term problem…

What are the everyday pleasures that you can’t live without? Messages from people that makes me smile, the buzz of exercise, a good breakfast, my headphones, alongside the challenge that every day there’s something new.

In conclusion, to whom do you look to for advice most often, and why? My boyfriend Benedict as he’s so calm and considered, offers great advice and is so totally supportive. Also Holly Clark, co-founder of Pearl & Pear – we think the same way and so she understands my stresses and knows how to calm me down!

Thank you Sarah, you’re free to go!

Sarah Kay, London, Pearl and Pear Co-founder

To read Holly Clark’s answers, the other half of the duo behind Pearl & Pear – click here.

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