How to plan the perfect birthday party

April is Pearl&Pear’s birthday month. Therefore it made sense for us to focus on birthday parties for this Expert Series. We asked few of our talented Curated Suppliers to tell us what make the perfect birthday party. Read their top tips here. 

Birthday Trends

Everyone loves a theme, let’s face it! It makes styling an event so much easier as it gives you a framework to design around.  We love seeing the latest trends and when a Real Event pops into our submissions box we pour over the details. We’re interested to see what the next few months of birthday my hold in terms of themes.

Emma Dodi Cakes says “With spring/summer round the corner I am definitely being asked to make cakes that are very colourful and bright for adults. Tropical cakes with flamingos have been an absolute favourite. There is also a move towards wafer flowers as they are seen as original and different. Edible prints are definitely trending at the moment. There is also a lot of interest in both watercolour cakes.  We do these as either stand alone pieces or combined into other designs.

When it comes to children’s parties, you can really go to town. Laura Button, found of Make It Pop, an eco friendly party supplier says: “There are lots of children’s party theme trend which have carried through quite confidently from last year. Mermaids and rainbows especially. Emma says that when it comes to childrens cakes, its different.  They always want their favourite things on cakes, be it unicorns, fairies, football or wild animals.”

Changes are happening

How a party is designed nowadays is so different to how it would have been 10 years ago. The rise of Pinterest and Instagram has meant inspiration is easier than ever to find. However sometimes it creates the desire to be constantly different. Ellen at Bubblegum Balloons says “Everyone loves an instagram moment! Before a Personalised Bubble Balloon would be a lovely treat. Now we’re seeing people love our packages. They provide everything you need to make that awesome birthday set-up and get the ever important insta-snap!”

“The challenge is always coming up with something original. That’s what keeps my role fun though. Ice-cream shaped cake pops have been hugely popular recently sometimes as an alternative to a cake.’ says Emma.

Photo Credit : Emma Dodi Cakes

The gift that keeps giving

Single use is definitely not cool and we love seeing how the events industry and our suppliers are reacting to that. As a nation we are becoming more conscious about how wasteful parties can be. Thankfully supplier such as Make it Pop support this movement. “Typical party habits do seem to be changing. The shift towards more sustainable celebrations seems to be gaining momentum. I would like to think the trend to shun single use party products will grow significantly this year.” We couldn’t agree more.

Photo credit : Make It Pop

Kelly at luxury florist Wildabout says “One thing that has become more popular recently has been requests for subscriptions flowers.  Rather than a one off bouquet you give the gift of flowers for a whole year/month. It’s the birthday present that keeps on giving. “

Photo Credit : Wildabout

Tell us about your amazing recent parties

Bubblegum say “We do a real range! Sometimes we will do a ‘small’ install, but in the most beautiful stately home. That type of party tends to really wows us all. Also we can do the biggest of big and the colours are just breathtaking. It’s lovely to be able to still be wowed no matter the scale!”

Photo Credit : Bubblegum Balloons

“I recently made a flamingo/tropical themed cake. The extravagance was the many different elements it had. I made all the flowers and leaves with wafer paper. The top tier was a pink watercolour. The bottom tier had an edible print which matched the print on the invitations. Also, to keep the the tropical vibe going the fillings were tailored.  The birthday girl opted for a vanilla sponge, a raspberry filling and a second filling of a mango coulis. It was such a beautiful, fun and delicious cake.” – Emma Dodi (Emma Dodi Cakes)

Photo Credit : Emma Dodi Cakes

We asked our experts their favourite part of a birthday party

“Without a doubt, the table styling! There are so many different ways to style a party table. I get much enjoyment from sourcing the products and pulling it all together.” – Laura Button (Make It Pop)

Photo Credit : Make It Pop

“The anticipation of the recipient receiving or seeing the design for the first time.  Knowing you have interpreted your clients brief is always a favourite part of being a floral designer.” – Kelly Yeomans (Wildabout)

“Putting together a theme! It could be a super fun ‘Go Wild’ party package to be sold on our website. Or perhaps the most amazing leopard installation in a nightclub for a birthday. It’s so fun to have a theme to work to.” – Ellen Reed (Bubblegum Balloons)

Photo Credit : Bubblegum Balloons

Top Tips

So when our readers are creating their own birthday parties at home what would you recommend they consider? Let’s start with the flowers – “Perfect birthdays flower are flowers that have thought behind them. A gorgeous bouquet that includes the recipients favourite colours or flowers is always going to be a perfect gift.

“For at home DIY birthdays, a mixture of heights is really important. Naturally decor tends to be at eye level / on table tops etc. Think about adding different layers and sizes. Items that add an instant pop of colour and fun make it really like more of a celebration.”

Photo Credit : Bubblegum Balloons

I think when it comes to party products we must start planning a bit sooner. When you take a more considered approach to birthdays you can end up with a fantastically styled party. When it comes to tableware and decorations think carefully and it can cost a fraction of the disposables costs.” 

There you have it – so amazing tips to assist your planning. We can’t wait to see your fantastic birthday parties. Don’t forget to tag us @pearlandpear

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