Piccolo Cucina – New York’s New Deliziosa

Italian food is always a good idea but Piccola Cucina’s authentic Sicilian dishes are a must if you’re in New York City.


Nestled in New York’s Soho district is a tiny but lively Italian restaurant aptly named Piccola Cucina. The waiters and chefs couldn’t be more Italian, always happy, anything is possible and everything is “bello”. Their intimate 30 seat restaurant feels like it is pouring out onto Spring Street. On one side, the restaurant boasts floor to ceiling glass windows, whilst on the other, is a bustling kitchen of only three chefs casually cooking some of the best Italian food in New York.

Radiant Italian Spirit and Simplicity

The food really is outstanding! I highly recommend to start with a selection of appetisers; the deconstructed melanzane parmigiana, a plate of arancini catanesi, the crispy calamari in addition to the molto grande Burrata. You cannot go wrong! To continue the feast, favourites include the lobster linguine served with half grilled lobster and tomato sauce. Probably my favourite is the cavatelli in lamb ragu with porcini mushrooms and ragusano cheese. All of their noteworthy pastas are fresh and homemade, and delightfully presented in a warm saucepan. At this point I’m usually quite full, but for dessert, a little cannoli never hurts.

Dancing Shoes

Aside from the charming service and tasty dishes, I return time and again to Piccola Cucina for its fun, loud and intimate vibe. The waiters are known for their spontaneous singing and dancing. By the end of the evening, it is not unusual for everyone to be on their feet waving their arms and singing. You almost feel like your going to a friend’s dinner party. A slightly rowdy mix of wine, pasta and Italian classics. What more could you want?!

This is the perfect restaurant for a small group of 4 to 6 looking for a fun night out. They can also accommodate larger numbers. There is no need to book weeks in advance and no strict dress code. Open for lunch and dinner, however it is much more of a party in the evening. In conclusion, if you’re in New York, don’t miss out on this little piece of Italy.

Buon appetito!

How To Book

184 Prince Street, New York City, New York 10012, USA

[email protected]

(001) 212-625-3200

Click here to book directly.

Take It From Us

  • ONE WORD REVIEW: Deliziosa!
  • BEST TABLE:: Any table, but by the windows is extra special
  • AVERAGE PRICE PER PERSON: (including 2 courses, a bottle of wine): $90 (approx. £70)
  • WHAT TO WEAR: Shirt for men and a casual dress for women
  • WHAT WE LOVED: Tutto!
  • HOW TO GET THERE:: By cab or walk - located in Soho
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