Why Personalised Stationery Creates Impact

Papier is an online stationery brand with a collection of beautifully designed, fully customisable invitations, cards, menus, and so much more. All designed by leading artists, illustrators and brands, including the V&A and Matthew Williamson.

They say receiving a beautiful invitation enhances the attendance of your event. As well as creating an overall experience from start to finish. Brand and Marketing Director Sophie Agar gives us her insight…

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Paper produce beautiful personalised stationery and invitations. Where did it all start?

Papier came out of a frustration with the choices available online for personalised printing. High quality and beautifully designed invitations were hard (especially for weddings) that were affordable. You either had to go high end or low end, but there was nothing in the middle.

Why do you think adding these beautiful extras make such an impact?

Something as simple as using a textured paper really elevates the designs, so people receive something that not only looks beautiful but feels lovely!

We understand it must be difficult to choose, but what are the most popular designs?

It’s a tie between the beautiful but classic calligraphy designs by A L’aise and the fun, colourful floral designs, such as Bright Wild Flowers by Peggy & Kate.

We personally love the Pineapples, and the vast amount of other designs available, what have you had the most fun with?

Fashion designers provide patterns and prints, which are then translated onto stationery and invitations has been the most fun creatively. Mother of Pearl, who we’ve been collaborating with have lots of brilliant ideas about how to incorporate their incredibly unique designs and the result is really amazing.

What we can expect from Papier over the next couple of years?

Many more exciting design partnerships and new product launches too!

Find out more through the Pearl and Pear shop here.

As well as the importance of stationery at any event, colour and patterns are key!

Check out Papier’s The Fold article illustrating 5 garden party settings with Floom here.


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