The Pearl & Pear cocktail by the Chief Booze Engineer at Six Storey’s

It has arrived and you’re in for a summer treat. We’re very excited to present the all new and exclusive Pearl & Pear cocktail. It has been designed, created and brought to you by Six Storey’s very own expect Chief Booze Engineer Pat.

Everyone makes sloe gin but they seem to stop there. Don’t. Once you’ve tried this delicious, fruity, herbal, sweet and refreshing cocktail, you will never look back. The perfect summer alternative to Pimm’s. Impress all your friends and family with this crowd pleaser.

“Crafting your very own gin is what makes this Pear Cocktail recipe special.”

Serves: As many as you want it to…

Preparation time: 2 minutes max

Cooking time: 1-month

Equipment: Kilner jar, Muslin and Patience!


Home infused Pear and Sage Gin

Cinzano Bianco sweet Vermouth, or similar

Sparkling Grape Juice or Soda


Take a good bottle of gin

Add a little sugar and sage leaves and allow to marry for 24 hours.

Remove sage leaves and add a few chopped pears. Leave for one month.

Strain liquid through muslin.

Add good measure to your glass.

Pour in about half as much sweet white vermouth or more if it is to your taste.

Fill glass with ice and top with sparkling grape juice, ginger ale or soda.

Serving Suggestions

Large wine glass

Loads of ice

A sage leaf

Dried pear and a twist of lemon if you’re feeling really fancy!

We would love to see pictures of your fruity cocktails, and hear your feedback on how you’ve got on. Share with us @pearlandpear.

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