We sit down with the Peaky Blinders (Events)

Tell us how it all started with the Peaky Blinders

“Chances are that if you haven’t already seen the Peaky Blinders, you have definitely heard of it. The story is based on a group of brothers returning from the trenches in the first World War. Based in Birmingham, the drama follows a working class families’s fight for power in the gangs. Reminiscent of the gangster dramas like the Sopranos, however based in Britain, it’s no wonder this thrilling drama has now been sold all over the world.

Unlike American dramas that are glitzy and gold, the Peaky Blinders is a gritty drama with a backdrop of modern hard-hitting music based in working class England. A key theme of the series are the 1920’s styled three piece suits, boots and newsboy flat caps. The flat caps have given the programme its memorable name due to the razor blades supposedly sewn into the cap peaks. It is hard to believe that a TV drama series that started five years ago would only just start to influence the events industry now!”

We spoke to the head of the pack himself about his interest in the theme and why he decided to base his events company solely on a Peaky Blinders theme…

“I was drawn to the theme as soon as I watched the show” he told us. “I had always loved the 1920’s and as a theme I think it has so many great ideas within it. It can be mixed up with decor from the Great Gatsby, the Cotton Club, Gangsters and so many backdrops from Art Deco to Oscars influenced sets.”

“The music in the drama is dark but the light and shade of the musical background lends itself to so many different genres that can be livened up for an event theme.”

“With over thirty years managing and performing in a successful corporate event group I decided it was time for a change and the Blinders came along at the perfect moment. The theme has so many important traits running through it that appeal to the corporate events sector and venues. For instance, the glamour of horse racing, boxing, the decadence of the London 1920’s night club scene, the costumes, the music and set designs. It includes everything a great event looks to create!

I have attended huge conferences like Confex for many years and earlier in 2018 decided to trial the idea as an events concept to a very enthusiastic reception. Bearing in mind that the events industry is continuously looking for something new, the main problem l found is that I needed to come up with real ideas that could give event organisers the information they needed. Not only did I have to ensure they love the idea, but they need to sell it to their clients. Understanding the concept and conveying that to a client is key.”

How did you find the perfect suppliers to build the concept?

“Over the past few years I have attended hundreds of Peaky Blinders styled events and formulated a timeline as well as a group of suppliers that fit into my concept.

From horses to vintage cars, actors to lookalikes, casino tables to boxing rings, musicians and dancers I have everything needed to create the perfect Peaky Blinders/1920’s themed event!

Lookalikes can meet and greet guests as well as being a great addition to entertain throughout a drinks reception before announcing dinner. We have musicians and singers like ‘Johnny Dogs Sings Jazz’ and a impressionist who narrates Peaky Blinders scenes which can also be customised to include the client’s company or staff members in the voices of the characters from the show. Feathered Flapper Girls perform 1920’s themed dances in stunning costumes as well as assisting award ceremonies whilst greeting their guests on stage. Music is provided by the Cheaky Blinders, a peaky Blinders tribute band dressed in costume. They start the performance with the theme tune before launching into a party set that is guaranteed to have your guests dancing with the mingling lookalikes.”

“For bigger events we include a horse to parade outside with a Peaky Blinder character astride it just like in the drama. Also, we can provide a 1924 vintage car to transport a special guest into the building escorted by characters to create that magnificent entrance.

Props and backdrops help also create the theme. If you’d like your event to include real authenticity we have three true Peaky Blinders actors who can meet and greets or compare awards, one of those actors is also a fantastic singer that can join the band in their performance!”

What can we expect in the future?

“Season 5 moves from BBC2 to hit main stream BBC1 next spring and you can be sure this is only going to make this exciting and fabulous theme even more popular! Its always better to stay ahead so catch this blinding theme before it hits its peak!”

For more information check out Peaky Blinders Events online or contact Thomas here.

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