Feast on London’s most luxurious Easter eggs!

The tradition of an Easter egg relates back to new life of spring. Over the years the traditional concept has snowballed into a day of giving – luxurious eggs! We’ve handpicked our favourite, and the most luxurious eggs this year – as well as some more affordable options.

 Hotel Chocolat giant Ostrich Easter egg.

 Half milk chocolate, half dark chocolate – this Big Egg is over a kilo of chocolate!

Not only being indulged by a monstrous amount of indulgent chocolate, Hotel Chocolat promise more from their luxury range this year. The Ostrich Egg, packed with cookies and packed rice, also includes much more. The giant egg is served alongside a tray of 27 chocolates, plus six golden egg hidden inside. Your very own egg hunt!

The Imperial in Bloom egg.

Bettys, Yorkshire based gift experts and chocolatiers have launched a limited edition egg. Made with 5 kilos of white and milk chocolate it’s illustrated to perfection with bursts of spring. Delicate spring blossoms, bluebells, primroses, forget-me-nots and butterflies make it almost too good to eat! Made to order and entirely handmade this egg is a luxury to indulge in.

The Colossal Egg.

If the name doesn’t speak for itself, Fortnum and Mason promise a large Easter package. Weighing a mighty 1.4kg, this spectacular treat fits five different-flavoured eggs inside! The infamous department store describe it as ‘a true taste adventure for chocoholics’.

A rabbit in a hat.

Pierre Marcolini has launched this year’s egg masterpiece. Over the year we have seen some chocolate art, but 2018 introduces ‘The Egg Hat’. A beautifully crafted dark chocolate egg stands tall with a white chocolate bowler hat. Our personal favourite is the show stopping collection of 30 mini eggs and 30 caramel animals displayed underneath!

& little kinder to your bank balance (but not missing the luxury)

Our favourite eggs, that don’t crack the bank, showcase a range of creative chocolate masterpieces from a range of high street brands as well as mouth-watering flavours.

Hotel Chocolat, Egg Sandwich – served in a traditional sandwich box, the masters at Hotel Chocolat have used a 3D scanner to copy the nation’s favourite white bread which is why it looks and feels so much like the real thing! £10.00

Prestat, Pink Popping Prosecco Egg – A delicious Prestat milk chocolate egg with a fizzing pink chocolate lining. The egg is filled with popping pink prosecco truffles with dark chocolate ganache centres. Not suitable for children. Share responsibly. £17.50

Chococo, Milk Chocolate Egg with Sea Salt Caramel Pods – A milk chocolate Easter Egg in a diamond-style egg mould with salted caramel mini pods inside. Voted “one of the best Easter Eggs to buy in 2018” and “a little work of art!”. £18.00

Booja Booja, the Easter egg collection – Hand-painted Easter eggs made in Kashmir, India & hand-packed in Norfolk with delicious chocolate truffles. The flavours available are endless, ranging from Fine De Champagne and Hazelnut Crunch. £24.99

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