London’s greenest Suppliers to work with

Understanding environmentally friendly processes and being ‘green’ is becoming increasingly important in the events world. We have spoken to the experts in ‘green’ to answer just that. This Expert Series we chat through London’s greenest suppliers to work with – and how you can contribute to a happier planet.

How to grow green with your party stationery by Ananya Cards

“Increasingly we are seeing our clients looking to incorporate natural materials and have plastic-free events. This is not a passing trend, but is becoming a global movement, with all suppliers recognising the damaging effect of the wanton use of plastic. At Ananya we have worked with clients to research ways of protecting stationery when posting that don’t rely on plastic or bubble-wrap products. Also, we have found printing suppliers that we know share our values of eco-friendly processes and sustainability. We have also worked with clients to incorporate elements of digital stationery into their suite as well, to lessen the paper trail.”

“We have also used recycled materials, vegetable-based inks, plantable paper products embedded with seeds, cotton items or even bamboo options. The environment has always been important to us, and for many years we only used card-stock from sustainably managed forests and have always recycled our cards as much as possible. We are excited about the way event suppliers have been adapting and innovating to move in this direction. With a concerted effort, we have the chance to reverse negative trends and preserve the health of our global eco system for the benefit of future generations.” – Vaishali, Ananya Cards

Cutture introduces inkless invitations

“Cutture have always been acutely aware of their green credentials. Invitations are all about ensuring people attend events. They are an important part of any party or event and the first thing that people receive. They can wow and amaze guests in all sorts of ways, however, often this means using a huge amount of print techniques that are actually, not environmentally friendly. Cutture offset this by producing work that is created for longevity, therefore of course those print processes are necessary, however they prevent it ending up in the recycling bin. The answer? “To create an invitation that focused on environmental responsibility via print processes and materials yet would add that extra intrigue and key messaging via great design. It is a dynamic combination of chemistry and artistry that takes disposable paper cups destined for landfill and transforms them into a beautiful paper.” – Dominic, Cutture.

Is there an after-life for your flowers?

We spoke to Ruari at Pinstripes and Peonies to discuss whether or not event floristry could be more environmentally friendly. Ruari introduced me to the Floral Angels, an amazing voluntary organisation created to bring joy and improve well-being through the power of giving flowers. They recycle donated flowers from weddings, events, florists and retailers to restyle them into beautiful bouquets/arrangements which are then delivered to those in need within our community.

“I think they are wonderful… on top of this Pinstripes and Peonies send any plants we use to either Thrive (who teach homeless people to garden so they have an income) and our local Vauxhall street planting schemes. Normally florists get a little grump if they are too similar, but in this instance we think the more people that know about them the better!”

Twilight Trees provide sustainable floral solutions

“With trees themselves being a symbol of environment and sustainability, we try to be sensitive of this and are constantly thinking of ways that we can be more green. The events industry has horrifying levels of wastage and we can all work together in different ways to reduce this.

Twilight Trees pride ourselves on the low waste that we produce. At the end of an event we have practically zero wastage which is quite exceptional in this industry. Each tree is reused time and time again and we take the greatest care in maintaining our products so that they not only always look their best, but so that they last for years to come.

Twilight Trees originally specialised in LED trees which use very small amounts of energy but more latterly the utterly stunning Trees in Bloom have meant that we often find ourselves working alongside florists when they want to boost a floral look without using real flowers and we find they work incredibly well together. We are a close knit industry and the more we can work together to reduce waste the better.” – Amelia, Twilight Trees

Beautiful Make It Pop party ware to use over and over, and over again!

“Whether your party is in your local village hall, home or hired venue, as parents we can often opt for single-use disposables for convenience. As a nation, this habit has led to the creation of huge amounts of unnecessary waste. Changing attitudes when it comes to the way we currently ‘do’ kids parties and other celebrations could be all it takes to have a profound and long-lasting effect on the world. With the UK set to introduce a ban sales of single use plastics from as early as this year, time is nearly up for single-use party supples – and the need for every single one of us to seek affordable alternatives is going to happen.

That is why we have made it as easy as possible to choose an alternative eco-friendly solution, that is on par with the price of disposables and just as easily delivered to your door.

If you are looking to host a beautiful party, but want to be mindful of the environment, then Make It Pop is the perfect solution to sustainable party style. Offering a colourful collection of luxury melamine party plates, cups, serve-ware and decorations that are available to hire online up to two days before your party, you can mix and match products to personalise any party theme.” – Laura, Make It Pop

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