Living Coral – 2019 trends to watch out for!

Pantone have announced their colour of 2019, Living Coral. The vibrant orange/pink was introduced as one of the energetic and playful. ‘Living Coral embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.’ This year’s shade is expected to be the must-include trend throughout event styling and design. Whether it be bold shades throughout the floristry or a subtle wave over the entire theme.

Last year we saw ultraviolet paint themes across events and parties. This year we are excited for a creative inspiration from a romantic colour palette. After a month’s trial we’ve been in touch with our Curated Suppliers to piece together exciting new styling ideas and inspiration. Recreate yours at home, we’d love to know how you get on!

Living Coral and Event Styling

When discussing Pantone’s latest announcement, event stylists and planners give a range of opinions. The experts at Creventive and Moriarty Events tell us what they expect from this year’s trends.

“At Moriarty we’re really excited about the trends that are emerging for 2019. Living Coral is a gorgeous, bold colour which can have very soft tones. We have to admit we were surprised Pantone went for a colour in the same spectrum after choosing Ultra-Violet as their colour of the year last year. We were expecting them to go with more of a block yellow or a very soft pinky, pastel colour.

The colour of the year isn’t necessarily taken into account when we’re designing our events and parties, however we enjoy how it can make our clients more creative and excited about theming their party. We used Living Coral in a fabulous event last year; the Jade Beer Book Launch at Claridges. Living Coral was present in the soft furnishings and the floral aspects of the event.”

“When it comes to incorporating colour into Moriarty events and parties we tend to go for hints of colour with soft pastels, giving a nice ‘popping’ effect. Alternatively, given the right client and party we have been known to go over the top with strong colours. For example in glasses, vases, napkins, tea lights, framing, charger plates, flowers etc.

We have always wanted to produce massively creative artistic parties with innovation and imagination behind the main aim of the party rather than practicality.”

Event Inspiration by Jason, Creventive’s Creative Director…

“When Living Coral was announced as 2019’s colour of the year, we were very excited as its always been a favourite of ours. Also our brand took inspiration from the coral coloured flamingo!

We can already see the colour filtering its way from the catwalks with designers such as Alexander McQueen and Temperley London incorporating the colour into their spring/summer 2019 collections. Then continuing its way down into interior design with inspirational design studio ‘2LG’ using the colour as base for many of their designs. 

Incorporating the colour into our Event Design is easily done, using soft furnishings and clever lighting schemes we can really introduce a pop of colour to all of our designs. Great Hire have a fantastic selection of items within this colour palette that we are itching to use.

We have also discovered that Living Coral is the perfect complimentary colour to 2018’s colour, Ultra Violet. Using UV in our event design where possible has always been a favourite at Creventive HQ, and now introducing Coral, both colours seems to stand out and not detract away from each other – a little marriage of colour.

Stationery design and incorporating Living Coral

 A vibrant beautiful colour should only be matched with gorgeous vibrant designs. Ananya Cards, luxury multi-award winning event stationer shares her insight into this year’s expectations.

“In choosing to add the word “living” to Coral, Pantone is bringing to attention the damage and degradation of coral reefs around the world caused by human activities and climate change. We at Ananya love this colour and think it’s a perfect choice for Colour of the Year 2019. At a time when the world seems in turmoil, this warm, vibrant, fresh and invigorating colour can act as an antidote to uplift the mind and energise the spirit.

Coral is known as one of the 9 precious gems in India and in Buddhism it is believed that coral trees grow in paradise. This shade of coral is said to stimulate and activate the heart chakra and enhance love and compassion. It also represents life force, energy and flexibility. All these positive associations to coral make it an ideally suited colour for events and can be beautifully portrayed in stationery.

The colour can be used as a main colour for an invitation or as an accent colour, for example as an envelope tissue lining, bellyband or wax seal.

It would work beautifully with gold to add sophistication.

It would work equally well with a dark blue or greys, for an elegant colour combination, or with Tiffany blue and white.”

“Resonating with Pantone’s thoughts about digital technology and social media increasingly impinging on our lives, and our desire for “connection and intimacy”, it is something Ananya has been keenly aware of. There is no substitute for the intimacy, thought and caring that is conveyed by a hand-written note, card or letter; something we at Ananya have been advocating passionately.”

Living Coral and floristry

Hybrid are super-creative and love tackling a creative brief. Caroline, Director provides us with exciting news when thinking about beautiful flowers and a violet colour palette.

“As floral designers we certainly get excited when Pantone release their Colour of the Year…. but only if it is a floral colour!  By that we mean if we can list at least five truly beautiful flowers that naturally appear in that colour. So this year’s Living Coral and last year’s Ultra Violet were colourful music to our floral ears.  We must admit we did have a bit of trouble with turquoise one particular year!

Living coral is a glorious colour, full of warmth and fun and is perfect for spring and summer florals.  We can clearly see it becoming ‘A Thing’ in the floral world this year quite simply because coral coloured flower varieties are utterly beautiful and pretty unique.  A coral coloured sweet pea, camellia or tulip will always be held aloft and admired by all the florists in our studio.  It is the perfect blend between pink and orange and is both elegant and bold in equal measures.”

“For some reason it seems to be a rather special, quirky colour that many just can’t get their heads around. In the same way that people always marvel over the natural colour of flamingoes and wonder just how nature could create something so stunning yet bizarre, we often think the same when working with a coral coloured garden rose or peony. It looks fabulous with magenta colours for a rich jewel like palette and it looks amazingly fresh with lime green. Combine coral with butter yellows and lilac tones and you get the most bonkers colour scheme (in a good way of course!)

In the same way that we had a renewed appreciation for Ultra Violet last year, incorporating intense violet coloured hydrangeas and anemones into party designs we will be looking a Living Coral with even more adoration this year.  And cannot wait to create giant vase designs full of yellow, lilac and coral coloured blooms for the ultimate bonkers party style!”

Our top 5 Living Coral Coloured flowers

Sweet peas: quite a unique variety, coral sweet peas are very bold and pretty special and look stunning alongside other intensely coloured sweet peas such as last year’s favourite, ultra violet.

Peonies: Coral Charm is an outstanding variety which starts it’s colour as a very intense almost luminescent pink and as it opens, turns into a very pale coloured peach.  It is an absolute marvel of a flower and looks lovely with frothy acid green Alchemilla Mollis

Roses: coral coloured roses, tend to just sing with colour.  Whether it is the tight spiraled versions such or the more open garden style roses these can look utterly vibrant in any party design.

Camellia: in a similar way to the Coral Charm peony coral coloured camellias start out an intensely orangey pink and provide a much need hit of vibrant colour in the months of February and March, they then open and turn a more muted faded apricot colour which looks beautiful against their glossy green leaves. 

Tulips: Coral tulips especially the double petalled variety are stunning and are often very large and juicy in appearance.  We often love to arrange lots of them en masse in one clear glass vase and leave them to do their own thing. 

We are already making predictions for next year’s Pantone colour and keeping our fingers crossed it is another floral one that matches some of our favourite blooms. 

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