Taste the bubbles | Laurent-Perrier Clubhouse

Last week Taste of London filled Regent’s Park with delicious cuisine and a heap of Instagrammable experiences. We were invited to the Laurent-Perrier Clubhouse for an educational feast – paired with the finest rosé bubbles! This year the brand launched a masterclass experience that celebrates winemaking innovation and pioneering sustainability. Championing eco-friendly food processes, Laurent-Perrier teamed up with pioneering farmer Igor Vaintraub of Indie Ecology, as well as London’s well-known restaurant, Ikoyi. We took our seats excited for a unique experience.

Indie Ecology and the Laurent-Perrier Partnership

Leading the way in the sustainable food scene, Indie Ecology began by growing fruit, vegetables and edible flowers for some of Britain’s top restaurants. Collecting leftovers from restaurant kitchens, Igor turns the waste into compost and grows fresh produce for the very kitchens it came from.

Igor’s presentation was enchanting, providing an insight into the food industry and how it can become more sustainable. His vast amount of experience was fascinating. The Indie Ecology goal is to reduce and rethink food waste – concentrating on reducing 02 emissions and how we can be more responsible.

A countryside Clubhouse

As we stepped inside the Laurent-Perrier Clubhouse we were transported to the countryside. Rustic tables were adorned with fresh vegetables, organic baskets and gold caged Laurent-Perrier rosé. Surrounding the walls of the tent, bookcases were styled with gorgeous farming artefacts and heaps of copper. Our favourite was the full flower wall shining through the Laurent-Perrier logo. Located behind the stage, it was a perfect photo opportunity and focal point once the masterclass was taking place.

Ikoyi Tasting Menu

Ikoyi London serves Jollof Cuisine, combining the boldest high quality ingredients. As well as creating mouth-watering West-African flavours, the restaurant also works together with Igor to consider sustainable eco-friendly processes.

To begin, we were served a fresh glass of Laurent-Perrier rosé, ice cold and full of fresh bubbles. This was to accompany the tasting dishes we were to experience throughout the night. (It’s delicious for anyone that hasn’t tried it yet!)

Next, we were to sample a squid and coffee shito. The texture and colour of the ingredients on the plate instantly enticed you to take your first bite. These two fascinating flavours combined provided the most delicious mouthful. Head Chef Jeremy continued to talk through the contrasting flavours and how the dish was made.

For main we were presented with a smoked jollof rice with prawns and smoked scotch bonnet. This wasn’t for those who don’t like a bit of spice in their food! Following West-African flavours this mouthful was a fiery one, combining delicious smoked flavours with an after-kick that will guarantee you remember it. The sweet bubbles helped refresh the palette and cool the tongue ready for dessert.

Lastly and the most intriguing dish, was a tomato ice cream with a foam cracker. At first we were apprehensive, taking our time to break into the ice cream dome, yet knowing Iyoki’s reputation and the previous dishes being divine, we were excited to try something new. It was just delicious – a fresh ice cold bowl of incredible flavours!

It’s safe to say we would recommend this experience to everybody… it’s fascinating, educational, eye-opening and delicious. The perfect way for Laurent-Perrier to celebrate their 50th year of its revolutionary Cuvée Rosé.

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