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La Folie Douce, or ‘The Folie’ as it’s referred to within the Alps, is like no other place in the world. If an electric atmosphere, great food, dancing on tables surrounded by jaw dropping mountain scenery at 2000ft, is your thing, then you’ll be in heaven.

There are five Folie Douce’s in the Alps all of which are made up of two parts. The side bar and the La Fruitière restaurant. 

La Fruitière has denim tablecloths and a relaxed, yet smart vibe. The staff are very cool and ever encouraging you to have a LOT of fun.

What’s On The Menu?

Mainly pasta or meat. The infamous Folie burger being the most popular option. The squid ink linguine with clams, roasted tomatoes and a lobster bisque were ordered. Black pasta was a good conversation piece it was but the milk bottled bisque that was the real star of the show. The burgers and slow cooked shin of beef  were also table favourites. The dishes are seriously filling. As a result, we went daily. 

Whilst the food is great, it’s probably not the main reason people make this their daily go-to. Most of all, it’s for the madness, over the top entertainment and atmosphere. La Folie Douche literally translates into ‘the gentle madness’ but don’t be fooled, there’s nothing gentle about it! You go to be part of it all and it won’t disappoint.

Dancing Folie Douce Unicorns

It was Day of the Dead theme when we were there which consists of dead brides dancing with waistcoated grooms. Unicorns prance on the stage. Suited skeletons perform and the lead bride sings with such talent she deserves the standing ovation. You’re already standing though, consequently on the tables that is. Fireworks are lit, magnums presented amongst clouds of coloured smoke and full bar champagne sprays happen regularly. Picture the entertainers on the roof whilst a topless male electric guitarist plays and paragliders fly overhead.

It’s completely impossible to not get caught up in the atmosphere at La Folie Douce. The restaurant is great but it’s as fun, just more crowded on the other side. Be prepared to be amazed, wowed and a little speechless. In conclusion, it’s incredible.

To Sum It Up


BEST TABLE: Any that you can dance on

AVERAGE PRICE PER PERSON (including 2 courses + half a bottle of wine): Around €75 euros

WHY SO SPECIAL: The location and the entertainment

WHAT TO WEAR: Ski gear but it’s fun to dress up a bit

WE LOVED: The drama and total ridiculousness!

WE DIDN’T LOVE: That it ends at 5pm however this is so you don’t ski too drunk or in the dark

HOW TO GET THERE: Ski down from the top of the Saulire Express bubble or if you’re not skiing you can walk/slide down from Saulire Express 1

Top Tips

If you’re in a chalet ask for vouchers for the Cafe side – €10/€15 for a 2/3 course lunch with a drink (vs €16 for spaghetti Bolognese alone). 

Finally, if you’re in the cafe side get there early to get a table (you’ll want to dance on one later) and on the restaurant side you need to book.

Find out more here, and share your Folie Douce antics with us by tagging @pearlandpear. See you at the bar!

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