Guest Piece: The Juno guide to Halloween styling

Juno Hire specialises in luxury bespoke event furniture with the aim to temporarily transform events and spaces. They’ve provided us with their spooky top tips on how to style your Halloween party.

“The darkest and most magical holiday of the year is fast approaching. Halloween is the only time where large amounts of cobwebs and pumpkins with faces on are a perfectly acceptable forms of decoration. We do of course love these unique decorating opportunities, but what we think really makes a space stand out is some dark and fearful furniture. Read on if you dare to see what we have in mind…

Ghoulish Glam

For our first look we’ve gone for some bright and eye catching red armchairs. Even in the dark these chairs are sure to stand out from the crowd (especially if the crowd is a pack of zombies!). Paired with our black side tables and some decorative silver skulls, black pumpkins could also complete the ghoulish look.

Vampy Black

Velvet sofas are very popular right now and we feel there is no better time of year to use velvet seating to style a room than now. Who doesn’t love velvet more than vampires? Dracula loves it, his coffin is smothered in it. Instead of styling with the traditional red velvet however, we’ve opted for a black velvet sofa accessorised with some blood red candles and cage-like tables (spooky).

Witches Brew

So we’ve covered comfortable seating for your ghastly guests, but what about the thirsty that don’t want to drink blood? In this third look we’ve used the hairpin console table fit for a witch. Comfortably holding a cauldron of witches brew (a tasty punch) and perfect for leaning your broom against, incase a speedy getaway is needed to evade those pesky warlocks.”

Check out Juno Hire’s full portfolio online now.

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