Johnny Roxburgh – Interview with Pearl & Pear

Johnny Roxburgh is known for his incredible planning, extraordinary creativity and the most lavish parties! He didn’t get his name ‘The Party Architect‘ for nothing. We’re lucky enough at Pearl & Pear to catchup with Johnny during his busiest season and explore his world!

Johnny Roxburgh, you’re considered one of the best in the industry – how would you sum up your career in a nutshell? 

I think that I have been at the forefront of events for nearly 40 years! By having no preconceptions of what is normally considered to be possible, I have found that nothing is impossible

What do you love about events? 

The creative excitement and the enjoyment of making something unique and special which fulfills the ideas of clients. Giving clients more than they have ever dreamed of but never being vulgar and always being fun!

While I know it’ll be hard to choose but do you have a favourite event

I loved a party where I designed a weekend in venice last year. It was 8 amazing parties in three days – each one was a polished glamorous jewel.

Also, what’s the most extravagant event moment you’ve had? 

At a huge wedding in Montreal I hung 5,000 silk orchids, 1000 fresh orchids as well as 5,000 specially made candles from the ceiling of an extraordinary tent. 600 guests ate dinner at 5 long tables all made of hand polished mirrored glass.

“My client described the finished effect as Harry Potter meets Chanel!”

What are your top three destinations outside of the UK, and why?

I love Venice and Florence – they are visually beautiful. Marrakesh has been a great setting for many of my parties. I also love working in Utah and Colorado – fantstic backdrops.

What would you say are the essential ‘Johnny Roxburgh’ ingredients for a great event? 

Good guests – you can spend all the money in the world but if you have awful guests and hopeless hosts it will never work.

What do you see as the main trends in events over the next couple of years? 

There has been a trend for the reurn of the very beautiful party – however ‘industrial chic’ is still very in Vogue.

If you had to give tips to anyone trying to get into the industry what would they be? 

Be prepared to work 18 hours a day and be endlessly inventive! You never know what you may have to deal with.

Events is a weird as well as a wonderful industry and all those that work within it often have the moments where they realise just how mad it is. In conclusion, what is your moment? 

It’s a moment that I have daily…

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