Halloween styling from our stationery expert

Here at Ananya we love the way colour palettes ‘mature’ during this time of year. Events, decor and fashion embraces the natural colour palette of the season with rusty burgundies, rich greens and aubergine purples setting the scene for autumnal celebrations. If you want to elevate that to a more luxe look, incorporate hints of gold, bronze and copper. If you’re aiming for a rustic ‘hygge’ style, use wood and shades of chocolate brown. Also, if you want something bolder, try jewelled tones of mustard yellow, emerald green, plush purple and cobalt blue (bonus if you can incorporate some crushed velvet or animal prints!). We love that Halloween styling explores the darker parts of the colour wheel, with black playing a key role.

Seasonal designs

 Incorporating seasonal designs and fruit in your styling and menus can enhance your styling. Examples could be toffee apples, berries and pumpkin as well as lots of leafy woodland motifs. Why not have some gold calligraphy on mini pumpkins or conkers for your place names? Or perhaps dried curling twigs from a local park to make decorative wreaths? Marbled, painted or glittered pumpkins in different sizes also make versatile vases for floral arrangement centrepieces, table runner decorations and even lanterns for a twinkling evening look.

Skulls can take on an elegant, vibrant look too when decorated with sequins, crystals or even colourful Day-Of-The-Dead inspired drawings. A number of design houses have released skull-shaped crystal tumblers, which make for quite an ice-breaker over dinner! We also love the use of transparency during this time of year, which in stationery can make an appearance through the use of perspex, vellum and gauzy ribbons. Use scents like cinnamon, clove, spiced orange and eucalyptus to elevate your stationery to a true autumnal experience.

Eerie Halloween styling

As well as patterns and colours, Halloween styling opens doors to using eerie language in your stationery messaging. We love the use of spells and potions including elements of magic throughout the event. Also, why not bring this to life with stylish illustrations, creative canapés and smokey cocktails? This sense of surrealism can also be enhanced by using exciting textures and layers through your tablescape. Add shimmer and a ‘slithering’ effect with fabrics like leather, satin, or silk as well as adding black feathers and dark calla lilies for a little touch of witchcraft.

As we approach the festive winter season, don’t be afraid to use super-sized sequins and touches of sparkle through your stationery and decor, with plenty of mood lighting through candles and lanterns – particularly as Halloween turns our thoughts to spooky stories!

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