Halloween Styling & Inspiration – The Expert Series

Halloween parties are a must-have, whether its a children’s party or styling at a dinner party.

For October’s Expert Series we’ve decided to open our black book of suppliers and ask for their top tips for recreating a Halloween look.

Halloween Styling – tablescapes

Halloween is the perfect theme to spice up your event this month. This is the one occasion when you can let your creative side go completely mad!

My favourite details would be the stunning hurricane lanterns at the Pearl & Pear Shop. You can also pick up bunting, balloons and so much more!”

Dani Pittorino, Event Planner

Recreating the look…

The possibilities are endless! Halloween styling can merge the traditional – pumpkins, spiders and webs – with elegant candlesticks and autumnal floral arrangements. As a result you will create an irresistibly spooky, yet sophisticated and stylish setting. Move your dinner party outside, throw in plenty of candles, and you will add to the eerie mood. Whilst bright pumpkins and flowers provide excellent colour and texture to the table.

For all of your last-minute Halloween needs, check-out the brilliant Twilight Trees, Crockford Bridge Farm for pumpkin picking, and Angels Fancy Dress for costumes and decorations.

We’ve included some fantastic DIY elements to the Pearl & Pear shop too for you to recreate this look.

What To Eat

When it comes to catering at Halloween, look no further than the abundant and magical feast at Hogwarts. Fill the table with cauldrons of soup, trays of hot veggies, giant roasted chickens stabbed with a large chef’s knife, and an overflowing, fantastical desserts and sweets table. Halloween allows us to cook and serve a menu with the best, vibrant and intriguing colours, so don’t be afraid to serve hot, orange soups and bright, green margaritas.

Bluegrass Billsyou can’t have Halloween without homemade chilli and mulled wine!

Find their Spooky Mulled Wine recipe here.

The Flowers

 Caroline Ball at Hybrid Flowers is regularly seen at the flower markets and is known for her extensive styling knowledge.

“Flowers can add depth, shape and texture to fun Halloween props and give a real feel of luxury to a party…”

“Natural elements with dark and rich colour schemes such as deep black, plum, amber or even bleached white look very striking against black painted ferns and oak leaves. Think natural black callas, blue/plum hydrangeas such as ‘pimpernell classic’, deep coloured dahlias, white gourds, rose petals and blown open roses can give glamorous halloween feel.”

Florists are great fans of spray paint too. Spraying pumpkins and gourds weird and wonderful colours can look so striking. Oasis black spray paint is probably Hybrid’s go-to product. Stretchable cotton is brilliant for creating cobwebs. As well as black feathers can give a victorian feel to designs.

“We agree with event planner Dani, masses of candles and flickering flames help to create great halloween atmosphere. Uplighters or lamps can also be used to cast amazing shadows on walls and ceilings when placed below arching stems of twisted willow or branches of shapely leaves and foliage. By playing with the angles of light, exaggerated and elongated silhouetted shapes can provide a creepy forest feel.” Caroline Ball, Hybrid

Halloween Styling with Bubblegum Balloons

“This Halloween is all about having fun, being different and really showing your personality through your decorations. Halloween isn’t just for children, so we’ve made it possible for the kids to keep occupied whilst the adults enjoy the holiday too!” 

Bubblegum Balloons are known for their extravagant balloon installations and quirky products.

They have yet to disappoint! Ellen, the brand’s Marketing Manager tells us that… “Halloween decorations are so widely available, it’s difficult to make your party standout without spending a fortune! At Bubblegum Balloons we try to create items that really help make a host stand out from the crowd.

Our new wall and window stickers are great fun (Drink Up Witches!) and we’ve incorporated the ever-loved pastel balloon bunch. You can also ensure there’s only one Basic Witch invited to the party by enlisting our giant foil head bunch – perfect for taking your celebration up a few spooky notches.”

Get your claws on the Friendly Bat Balloon at the Pearl & Pear Shop now!

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We would love to see pictures of your events! Share with us @pearlandpear.

Also, you can find more information from The Expert Series, and our Curated Suppliers expertise here.

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