A Day In The Life Of Golborne Events

I love being an event planner for Golborne Events, everything about it. It’s because we get to work in the most iconic venues in London, brainstorm event themes and ideas. Furthermore we also collaborate with some amazing partners who we are now able to call friends.

We’re taking you on a journey of one of our most exciting Tuesdays. On this particular Tuesday, we started bright and early as we were off to Amber Lakes. This was then followed by a tasting and a “Bubbles & Blooms” workshop. We then finished the day with a Summer Soirée at The V&A!


Our role as London event planners is to always be up to date with the hottest new venues. We especially love this site and we’ve just been announced as one of their accredited event planners. The lakes and lawns can be used for almost anything. Let your imagination run wild, from dragon boat racing and raft building to treasure hunts, Ferris wheels or petting zoos. Our creative ideas go off the chart whenever we visit, as the opportunities are truly endless. We were treated to a buggy tour around the North Lake. The views from the lodge and wrap-around terrace across the glistening lakes are breath-taking. It really is the perfect backdrop to any event. To find out more about having your event here, click here to read the Golborne Events dedicated blog.


Our next stop was with caterer, Rhubarb for a tasting with important clients of ours. We were discussing an event we’re planning under Hope, the blue whale skeleton at The Natural History Museum. Contrary to popular belief tastings aren’t just a ‘jolly’. Tastings provide an event planner with an opportunity to sample and choose the perfect menu for the event. This time, an interactive cheese experience, ‘Cheese of the Future’ was a highlight and we cannot wait to see it in situ in Hintze Hall. If you’d like to find out what on earth ‘Cheese of the Future’ entails, get in touch with Golborne Events here! After tasting Autumnal classics with a twist, such as pumpkin pannacotta and the truffled mac and cheese, we found ourselves very excited for our Autumn and Winter events.


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Now that’s the life!

As if the day hadn’t contained enough food and drink already, we were spoilt more with afternoon tea and a bouquet workshop. The experience session was expertly tutored by Joanna Rhodes herself. Everyone really got stuck in (the bubbles helped) and the team from Hayford & Rhodes were so charming and helpful. Especially so with our stem twirls (if would like to find out more about what this means exactly, we can organise your very own bouquet workshop!). We were very chuffed with our bouquets that now have pride of place in the office. That being said, we think we’ll stick to our day jobs as event planners and let the professionals continue to do such an amazing job decking out our events.


Last, but certainly not least, the champagne flowed once more. We continued the evening and caught up with many industry friends, old & new. At the same time we were serenaded by some fantastic musicians from Velvet Entertainment. The band performed on a stage in the middle of the water feature in the courtyard. It was quite a spectacle watching the musicians take of their shoes and socks, roll up the trousers and wade happily through the water to the stage. The V&A is one of our all time favourite iconic London venues and we love to plan events there.

Finally, the exhilarating day was coming to a close. It was time to hang up our heels and reflect on everything we had experienced throughout the day. As event planners for Golborne Events in London we are lucky enough to be invited to experience exciting showcases, exclusive venues, interactive workshops and delicious tastings. We are constantly inspired by our venues and suppliers who go the end of the earth for us. This day was particularly special and we would like to thank everyone who was involved who made this Tuesday so much fun.

Thanks for reading, Golborne X


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