Flying away with clients | The Mulia, Bali

We’re so lucky at The Travelling Hands to travel worldwide for our clients parties. We had to share our experience with the Pearl & Pear readers, specifically recommending the Mulia, Bali.

When your clients ask you to perform in The Mulia Resort in Bali, you smile, say a huge thank you and looking forward to what you are about to experience. We performed our unplugged roaming sets over two days during our stay at the resort but we were lucky enough to stay in this incredible resort in luxury suites for five nights.

On arrival

Upon entering the hotel, the first thing we noticed was the view – a huge open lobby allowing you to take in breathtaking views over the Bali Sea and the Indian Ocean. This is one amazing location and all five of us were amazed.

The hotel itself is an enormous luxurious 5* resort located on the east side of the Nusa Dua peninsula in southern Bali. Every square inch of the huge complex hotel is kept to incredibly high standards at all times. Even a small pathway will look immaculate 24/7 with exceptionally high standards of design, materials, cleanliness, detail and more. Even so, the hotel never felt overcrowded with staff even though there there was clearly non-stop care and attention behind the scenes. This was an ‘office’ we would definitely enjoy performing within.

Once we had checked in

Our rooms were all 5* quality and very instagrammable – large, spacious, comfortable, an enormous bed, an immaculate and large bathroom with double sinks, huge bath and great shower. As well as the ultimate comfort, fresh fruit was delivered everyday and let’s not forget the huge private lagoon at the back of the five rooms that we took during our stay. Each room was complete with an outdoor sofa, flip flops and more to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

If this wasn’t enough to make us want to stay forever, we also had access to a stunning private beach. Daily maintenance of the beach was carried out each day (including clearing away any seaweed) and helpful staff ready to bring you towels and move their luxurious sun loungers (both at the beach and the nearby pools). A swim-up bar was available, complete with daily DJ.

For anyone tempted by a later drink, one bar is open with indoor and outdoor space until 3am everyday. This was lovely to grab a drink or two after entertaining our lovely clients and their 300 guests.

A feast fit for the Hands

We ate every day in ‘The Café’, but don’t be fooled by the name – this is an incredible large area of multiple food stations (each with their own talented team of chefs) with both prepared dishes available straight away and other options they could cook right in front of you. Whether you were in the mood for seafood, meats or vegetarian options, the choice was huge with food from all over the world – this was one highlight of every day!

Breakfast was fit for a champion. The hotel introduced us to a French chef  who had been flown over to make The Mulia’s croissants, pain au chocolats and pastries daily. Once again the attention to detail on quality was incredible. We also cannot forget an entire room dedicated to desserts – chocolate fountains, dozens of freshly prepared desserts, crêpes, cookies, creme brûlées ‘torched’ in front of you and more! It’s amazing we still fit into our tweed at the end of the week.

Staff were constantly friendly, professional, respectful and incredibly well mannered – this was hospitality on a level I have never experienced, not even in London’s own 5* hotels. Definitely tempting to put down our guitars and take a break from this ‘work’ trip!

In summary – a stunning resort to work within. We look forward to going back soon!

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