Floristry and how to enhance your party with it!

Floristry is booming! Peony season took the country by storm and we think it’s fair to say that every one would love to know floristry secrets to make their parties the most instagrammable party of the season. We have spoken to our Curated Suppliers, the experts in floristry, for their top tips. Starting with Hybrid, leading florists in the events world.

The floral party animals

“If we were to name one ultimate party flower it would have to be the Dahlia. It is the darling flower of the moment (well decade probably) and it isn’t hard to see why! We love to use Dahlia for our client’s parties especially when the brief is ‘vibrant, stunning and summery’. What could be more fun and wild than diving head first into the most sumptuous pile of Dahlia?!

Dahlia appear in nearly every colour you can think of although my personal favourite is pink flamingo as it just seems to glow!”

“As well as the beautiful bright colours, their patterned petals can be extraordinary, especially when combining at least two colours which creates the most stunning effect! They also appear in every size, from the prettiest little pom pom varieties which always remind me of spirograph patterns… to the large heads of giant Dahlia which come in from English and Italian growers later in the summer.

We love mixing Dahlia with other summer beauties such as roses, herbs and lavender for a gorgeous scent.”

“Although when late summer arrives it would be rude not to show off their long stems! Creating height and variety across floral displays. Dahlia are available from early summer but if you want to use locally grown for the most glorious of British parties their true season is right now; the end of July, August and September (weather dependent) where flower growers and cutting gardens are abundant so that your parties will be resplendent!”

We think it’s always important to understand floristry from an event planner design – Plain Jane Events create the most stunning events and have recently pieced together an inspirational evening for their guests.

“It can be an exciting element at your event giving it that extra PAZZAZZ!”

“Most of us love flowers and are very familiar with seeing them at all kinds of events; either in vases on tables, at weddings as beautiful bouquets and even on walls to pose in front of for an Insta-snap. However, some of us are not so used to seeing flowers being used in immersive ways.

At our #HouseofJaneSoho showcase (coming soon to Pearl & Pear!) our guests got their hands ‘dirty’ in the name of floristry. Our theme, being Urban Jungle, meant we showcased over 100 plants and trees in our carefully curated spaces to plunge people into our very own stylised jungle. However, what really brought our theme to life were the happenings in the ‘loft’ of the House of Jane.

Our florist ran a fun and engaging workshop for our guests to create their own Urban Jungle Posy. Guests were able to choose from an array of tropical foliage whilst receiving an insight on the art of hand tying and how to perfect their arrangement.”

“Needless to say, it went down a treat and the top floor of the House of Jane was buzzing with creativity and ended in a big green mess (as well as Champagne).

The aftermath was simple proof that floristry doesn’t have to be just a pretty thing to look at, but it can be an exciting element at your event giving your event that extra PAZZAZZ!”

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