Exclusive Pearl & Pear Recipe by Rhubarb

Rhubarb’s very own Group Development Chef, Grant, has designed an exclusive Pearl & Pear recipe perfect for relaxed entertaining at home. Grant spends time developing recipes, exploring new dining concepts as well as pushing boundaries with dishes. Also, scouring out international trends world-wide.

Grant shares Rhubarb’s deliciously different ethos of providing the finished ingredients and seasonal flavours to each dish. With an eye for excellence and flair. As a result they’re known for creating gorgeous recipes, and exquisite tastes like the recipe below.

Rhubarb recipe exclusive for Pearl and Pear, London, duck ham, celeriac, home made, rustic. Sarah Kay and Holly Clark

Rhubarb Duck Ham & Celeriac Remoulade with Poached Pears

We love this recipe for its combination of cured rich duck, together with the flavour-full pears and the texture of the remoulade. While it is an interesting and enticing way to serve duck as it is light yet bold in flavour… 

It is perfectly suited to preparing ahead, which makes this an impressive yet stress-free dish to create. As it is served cool, you can enjoy entertaining your guests and simply plate and garnish with the final touches before serving.”


Serves: 10 as a starter

Preparation time: 3 day curing yet, only 20 minutes prep time

Cooking time: 25 minutes


Duck ham

(If you’re not a duck fan – don’t fret! Use a cured pork such as Parma ham or Coppa for an alternative)

2 duck breasts

250g sea salt

250g Demerara sugar

1 head of garlic chopped

20g 5 spice powder

1 cinnamon stick snapped

Celeriac remoulade

1 celeriac

50g wholegrain mustard

30g English mustard

300g mayonnaise (recipe below)

Juice of 1 lemon

50g capers (washed and chopped)

50g chopped parsley


(or a shop bought alternative)

2 egg yolks

1 table spoon of Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon of red wine vinegar

400ml vegetable oil

Season with salt to taste

Add all the ingredients to a bowl apart from the oil. Then slowly emulsify the oil, whisking continuously.

Poached pear

2 Comice or Williams pears

300g water

70g sugar

2 vanilla pods split (or a few drops of vanilla extract if unavailable)

1 bay leaf

100ml of white wine (or red if you prefer, both will work with the dish)


Duck ham

Score the duck breasts, then place in a frying pan fat- face down on a medium to high heat. Once the fat is rendered remove from the heat and chill.

Combine the salt and sugar together, and cover the chilled meat with the mixture, cling film tightly and leave to cure for 3 days.

After 3 days, wash the duck breasts thoroughly and pat dry with kitchen paper.

Cook the duck breasts in the oven at 60 degrees for 25 minutes (if your oven does not go this low put it at its lowest temperature and slightly prise the door open with a damp tea towel).

Then leave to chill and thinly slice.

Celeriac remoulade

Remove the celeriac skin with a knife and cut into match stick size strips, lightly salt and leave for 30 minutes.

Wash thoroughly and then squeeze through a clean tea towel. This process softens the celeriac and makes it more palatable.

Mix with all the other ingredients, season with salt and pepper and refrigerate until needed.


Add all the ingredients to a bowl apart from the oil. Then slowly emulsify by adding the oil slowly and whisking continuously.

Poached pear

Add all the ingredients except the pears into a pan, and bring to a boil, then set aside.

Peel the pears, then add to the hot liquid and bring back up to the boil, then remove from the heat and cover with foil until the pears cool to room temperature.

Once cool, cut the pears into your desired shape, we suggest rustic chunks.

Plating up

Place the remoulade on the plate and form a circular shape in the centre of the plate

Add three thinly sliced pieces of duck.

Drain your pears and scatter on top.

Finally, garnish with the watercress and raw pear and serve.

In conclusion, we suggest serving this dish with Pouilly Fumé, Château Favray for its buttery yet citrus palate which balances the richness of the duck and the mayonnaise of the remoulade.

We would love to see pictures of your duck dishes, and hear your feedback on how you’ve got on. Share with us @pearlandpear.

Also, you can find more information for Rhubarb, and their catering expertise here.

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