Insider tips from Just Talent founder Tori Just

Tori Just, founder of Just Talent, and winner of the Best Supplier at the HOT50AWARDS 2017, has given us the insight to the power of entertainment. With a range of acts on her books Tori knows just the thing to keep your guests entertained.

Tell us about Just Talent…

Just Talent prides itself on bringing together a collective of the industries most talented entertainers and event experts globally. What stands us apart is our creative ability, experience and networks. This enables us to curate bespoke, breath taking entertainment that are unforgettable and tailored to our client’s needs. We hang our hat on our proven methodology – that the most awe-inspiring events are when the entertainment is priority, and the rest is curated around it.

Our heritage and 10 years of experience working in the industry means that we hold a valuable black book of the worlds’ most incredible talent. Which enables us to offer our clients a full range at varying budgets but without quality ever being compromised.

You built and run your own successful Talent Agency… what made you enter the entertainment world?

My career started as a dancer, model, entertainer and actress for over 5 years. I then gave it all up to work in the world of marketing, recruitment and experiential events. I missed the performance world so alongside my office job I set up Just Talent, initially hiring dancers for small events. From here I felt there was a niche in the market for someone with my background to run Just Talent as an all-round entertainment agency full time. Which is when I gave up the office job and there has been no looking back ever since!

Why do you think entertainment at Events is so important?

Just Talents methodology places entertainment at the heart of the event – curating everything else around it for the most compelling and memorable experiences, and getting the best out of your budget.

“A soul without a body is better than a body without a soul. Which is why we believe that the entertainment should be considered before anything else and not the other way around.”

We will relay our methodology that the venue should be the last thing that you source for the 3 following reasons.

Entertainment is emotive and is what people will go away and talk about above anything else.

The venue is better selected once you have your entertainment to suit the concept or theme.

You do not have to have an expensive venue to create an immersive, wow experience. This can be down to the production and dressing which is aligned to the entertainment.

Entertainment is often the thing that most of the guests go away and talk about for days, weeks and months after the event! So why not create your event around the entertainment first.

From your extensive experience in the industry, what are you biggest tips for maximising entertainment at Events?

Think about your entertainment first, some people make the mistake of booking an expensive venue and have nothing left to spend on entertainment. We can always help you chose a venue to work well with the entertainment acts you require. Some ideas can be an empty shell dressed to suit “Circus Themed Acts”, a venue with a small stage for “Cabaret” or a venue with a built in sound system for an “Awesome Band!”

We also have many multiskilled performers on our books who can be utilised throughout the night, that way you get someone who can wow your guests in many ways! These are usually a mix of Aerial, Stilts, Fire, Contortion, Angle Grinding and Dance.

We love to be creative, if you have a theme in mind Just Talent can help you chose which acts will suit as well as brainstorming ideas. A budget is never a trouble, no matter how big or small.

We understand it must be so difficult to choose… but, we’d love to know your favourite acts?

This is so difficult to answer and would really depend on the theme of the night.

We do love a live band and at Just Talent we have so many to choose from, from DJ live bands, to 1920’s/Vintage themed girl bands, Tribute singers and many more.

We also love Aerial acts as they are so stunning to watch and really create that wow factor. Our new LED aerial hoops looks amazing in a club environment. Plus, we also have a fab Lollipop freestanding Aerial hoop which is great for venues without rigging points.

Our Act Madfro’s are also fab and every time they perform people are so positive…they are a burlesque and fire act and the two stunning ladies look like twins.

But we really can’t choose as we have sooooo many acts on our books and they are all amazing in their own way!

Being surrounded by incredible talent must be so inspirational. Do you have any hidden talents yourself?

I’m a trained Pilates instructor, I can do the moonwalk and skip with my arms (don’t ask). Also at school I was a grade 5 Trombonist!

I have also put together my own band who now perform regularly at a club in South London and events. So, I am also a band manager, sound engineer, musical director and agent for these guys too. A Jack of all trades! Check them out here.

Finally, on a regular basis there must be new names announced… how do you keep up to date with the latest acts?

Just Talent are constantly on the lookout, we regularly go to open mic nights, cabaret nights and events. In fact wherever we go we are always scouting for new people to join our books. I once approached a busker in Piccadilly and booked her on an event that very weekend!

Check out more from Just Talent at their Pearl & Pear profile here.


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