Live bands, why to have them and their impact on events

DJ or live bands? A decision to make when planning your party. Live-entertainment has become more and more popular and we love the variety of bands available! We have spoken to our Curated Suppliers, the experts in live-entertainment, for their top tips and advice when choosing your acts this year.

“Live music creates energy that nothing else can…”

– Matt Taussig, Director, SALUT Band

Live music makes an event memorable. It needs to be at the top of your planning list. It creates atmosphere, vibe and brings out everyone’s wild side. By choosing live music you can create energy that nothing else can… it takes us back in time, reminds us of our happiest memories and then brings us right back to being in the moment.

Unlike a DJ, a great live music experience like SALUT Band is an interactive show which brings everyone together to share the same experience. This is a powerful force which unites and creates special memories for all involved.

“Live bands can lift your event to new heights”

– Tom Warner, Director, The Travelling Hands

Choosing the right live music for any event serves to enhance the experience for everyone present. No matter if you are the party host, event planner or venue manager, live music can lift your event to new heights, create just the right ambience that you desire and when selected well, it can bring an extra touch of class unrivalled by other entertainment to suit your event occasion perfectly.

Our personal style of acoustic roaming music is all about helping to break the ice and ultimately to bring a boost of feel good musical energy to any occasion. We include a quintessentially English twist, helped further by our suits provided from our sponsor, Marc Darcy.

Live bands don’t also have to perform at once. Sets can be divided across an event to fit in perfectly no matter what time of day. Being a band that can fit into all manner of event sizes and spaces, we attend events in evenings, afternoons and also brunch events!

Choosing the right live band is vital for any event. We have the upper hand in adjusting our performances during each event as we can dramatically change the songs we play. This can entirely depend on which groups of guests we are playing for, some are more chill and some love to dance! Requests are very common including interesting medleys combining Ed Sheeran and Michael Jackson songs together – we will always do our best to make sure every guest we perform for not only hears music that they enjoy, but that they also have a great time.

“When the time is right, you even spot us standing on chairs…”

When the time is right, you may even spot us standing on chairs, passing out shakers and getting crowds of guests involved with the music too. Check out our live video taken whilst recently performing for Google to see exactly what we mean.

As well as adjusting performances, it’s all about the right song choice for the right guests. Whether you have a relaxed jazz band to welcome guests into an event, or a 10 piece funk band to fill a dance-floor, the right music will transform any occasion. When booking music for your event, it’s also important to think about your venue, your event and which band style will work best. A corporate networking event won’t bring many guests to a dancefloor as they’ll be too busy introducing themselves to one another so something more relaxed would be best. However, a Christmas party for some colleagues in the same office ready to let their hair down would be the perfect place for a dancefloor and a big band.

Music can make an event incredibly special – now it’s up to you to find the best line-up for the job! To check out what we do in The Travelling Hands and to view our roaming style in more detail, head on over to our online profile here.

“Think of all your favourite nights out or live concerts you have seen – it’s almost impossible to re-capture that same energy and atmosphere.”

– Dhil, Guitarist, Chromatic

Every live show you’ve seen is a unique experience to you and that’s what we aim to deliver. Whatever the scale your event, Chromatic guarantees to give the biggest concert like performance, to ensure your party goes out with a bang creating another experience to remember!

Here’s a few key elements to a live band impact on your event:

Engagement and energy;

We are all here to party so let’s do this! We always bridge the gap between the stage and the dance floor (sometimes literally), making the show interactive where possible – we want you to have as much fun as we do! As a band, we have such a good time on stage and we see this energy spread across the room like wildfire. The dance floor itself is the platform for everyone to express themselves and we encourage all to join in. Our singer and drummer will be sure to get you chanting and singing along! See it for yourself here.

Entertainment and showmanship;

We share every drum hit, guitar chord, bass thump and soaring vocal with the crowd. There is certainly a tangible buzz from the stage witness the dynamic and emotion of live musicians. We perform a high octane show of top chart hits and classic floor fillers which runs start to finish with little to no gaps using mashups and medleys. This proves to be extremely successful in keeping people on dance floor.

Guaranteed at every Chromatic show will be “Ohhh” moments rippling across the dancefloor as people react to songs weaving in and out of each other, their minds blowing as a classic hit is seamlessly mashed up with another classic!

Things to consider when booking a live band…

First, sound limitations. Check with your venue if they have any sound limiters or restrictions.  This can inhibit the bands live performance as music is best enjoyed with a degree of volume to create enough of an atmosphere for guests to truly enjoy themselves.

Positioning – you want to naturally draw your guests towards the dancefloor as the night goes on. Consider the distance from the bar and other elements that might keep your guests from migrating away from the party.

And lastly, timing. The night should build up to the live band performance allowing for you and all your guests to settle into the evening get ready to party. If possible, the live act should peak as the finale, so your party can go out in style.

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