Why is detail in event styling so important?

Finding an event theme can be really tricky, especially when ensuring continuity throughout the entire party. As well we are focusing on Instagrammable moments continuously, trying to feature the next best thing. We strongly believe that details and event styling are so important therefore we’ve pieced together the opinions of our Curated Suppliers.

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Dani Pittorino on event details as a planner

“It’s all in the detail. This is something that I know to be true. It is often the little extras at an event that are the most appreciated by your guests. They will leave the event raving about it to their friends and family, sharing photos online as well as looking forward to the next one. All because of the little touches that wowed them.

My favourite example of this was on a 70th Birthday trip to the Masai Mara, Kenya. From the animal print socks and hilariously rude eye shades on the plane, to the mini packets of vegemite at breakfast (the birthday boy’s favourite), no detail was overlooked. Every element adds to the theme of the event and makes for one very special and memorable party. As an event planner and stylist, this is the standard that I like to hold myself to, always going above and beyond.”

 Tonia Hart, The Edit on event styling

 “Event styling is so important at an event as it gives the event it’s own character and personality. The way a company presents itself can definitely influence guests on their engagement and what they think of you.

At The Edit we have recently hosted an incredible product launch for a brand we love. We focused on everything from the exact brand pantones painted on dipping sticks to personalised cocktails. The event was a huge success and social media was booming, which is exactly what our client wanted to see!”

Vaishali Shah, Ananya Cards on stationery styling

“Here at Ananya we adore infusing our stationery with intricate and meaningful detail. Whether it’s in the design, the textures or the wording. A ‘save the date’ or invitation is the very first impression that an event makes on its guests. It sets the scene for its style, feeling as well as narrative. This can then be the undercurrent for the menu, place cards, seating plan and so on – which can be done by matching, complementing or even contrasting the elements within the suite. This might mean a recurring motif, a signature font, a custom monogram or an overarching colour palette. Detailing like this can unify different room, sections or goals of your event, as well as speaking a thousand words about your professionalism and aesthetic vision.

Our designers love working on bespoke stationery for our clients as it means working with them closely throughout the process. We learn as much as we can about the client and incorporate those elements that are important to them. As well as those that reflect their unique style and brand into the stationery. Whether it is a swatch of fabric or a motif that has a particular significance, a floral or exotic design, monogram or a photograph, we can create a theme around it to weave into the stationery. To conclude, anything can be a source of inspiration and as long as it’s chosen to be meaningful and consistent, it can add some truly unforgettable flair to your event.”

   Helen Sharland, Cutture on event design and style

“Detail in event design is absolutely everything. We are fortunate enough to work on some of the most incredibles events in the UK and globally. That means that not only are we working closely with the best event planners in the world who have the vision, but we also have to think about every detail we are offering to create that truly considered piece in line with that vision. This is where the difference in event design is, a collaborative, considered effort by all suppliers, this is when you create a truly successful event and that is all about the detail.

For corporate events brand messaging is crucial but there are so many ways this can be done. It’s about the experience as well as not just putting logos on everything. Therefore it’s the details that make that experience. Of course for us the invitations is vital, details are everything, from typography to textures and finishes. Yet also for us they are about craftsmanship and illustrative story telling.

Our collaborators in the event industry also ask us to provide some incredible details, namely caterers, often the graphics we create for an invitation are then used as details on food. Or we create beautiful signage following the same coherent concept throughout. We have even created headdresses and branded badges for waiters and waitresses as this level of detail is what creates a truly immersive experience. Guests believe they are in a different world, which is the ultimate aim!”

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