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Our passion for the noble art of mixology has lead us to create The 43 Club. We’re a cocktail service that aims to serve an exceptional, unforgettable cocktail experience. We can come to your home or at your event. The 43 Club owes its style and grace from an age of grand opulence, fun and decadence. If you think you’ve seen creative cocktails, think again.

A moveable cocktail service with such fantastic creative ideas… what sparked the need for your business?

The 43 Club was inspired by my (Rewfus) own experiences and this constant need to be moving forward. I’m hugely passionate and feed off delivering unforgettable hospitality. When we started the business the event industry felt very stale, I felt that it had been set in its ways and we wanted to shake things up. There was an incredible bar scene in London and we wanted to bring this to the world of events. Boy that’s happened, the event industry is full of so much creativity at the moment and it’s so exciting to be part of it!

It must have been quite a journey, what are your biggest lessons you’ve learnt?

I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is to be patient. You can spend hours worrying about what your competitors are doing and questioning why you’re not there – with a little patience and continued drive, you soon will be too. Opportunities do come and go, you just need to make sure you’re ready to really capitalise when they do come your way.

London is a constant source of inspiration – from new exhibitions to the people we meet, what inspires you and your work?

Our clients inspire our work, without them we’d be nothing. Who they are helps determine the drinks we make.

You are known for creating gorgeous cocktails with the most Instagrammable details, what has been your favourite event to date?

We did an event for a high end glamping site at Glastonbury Festival. It was the first moment when I stood back and watched my AMAZING team do what they do and just smiled. It’s a 24 hour operation where no stone can be left unturned, to see your team deliver an experience for everyone and breath our philosophy throughout was a really proud moment.

What has been your most challenging event?

Not one single event is a challenge, although you do get the odd few which I buzz off. But the challenge lies with juggling multiple events, across multiple locations and ensuring we continue to deliver the highest standards. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those moments. I love the challenge of working it all out, making it happen then having an ice cold beer at the end!

Have you got any exciting new concepts that you’re working on at the moment?

The centrifugal concept is really exciting me at the moment. It’s finally become financially approachable as well as opening up a world of experiences. To have an almost transparent drink and not know what it’s going to taste like really excites me. To cut out one of our main senses creates a whole new experience.

Have you conquered the work life balance or are you always trying to impress your friends at the bar?

Ha! I’m getting close. One of the reasons behind starting a business is to conquer that work life balance, but when you start out your heart and soul goes into making your business happen.

What is The 43 Club ‘don’t try this at home cocktail’?

Where do you start!!! I guess we would say ‘don’t try this at home’ to an alcoholic ice cream made using a fire extinguisher. A CO2 Fire Extinguisher is basically Dry Ice which is around minus 78 degrees. It’s great fun to make as well as looking really cool, but not something you should try unless you know what you’re doing!

To conclude, what cocktail would you choose on…

A Friday night? Dark n Stormy

A Sunday night? Sazerac

The Beach? Aperol Spritz

Valentines Day? French 75

Christmas Day? Hot Sloe Gin.

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