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Trends are key when it comes to planning events and parties. Clients and your guests are always looking for fresh ideas, something they haven’t seen before. A simple seated dinner and reception canapés are fantastic, but we want your guests talking about your night for years to come. Catering can really make an impact – we have spoken to our Curated Suppliers, the experts in catering and styling, for their ideas.

“There’s nothing we enjoy more than responding to a really creative brief from our clients and bringing this to life.” – Caiger & C0.

We’re always on the lookout for inspiration and ideas for our events. It’s really important that we’re able to bring something innovative to the party when we start working with clients, whether that’s interpreting what a client is looking for, or completely starting from scratch with everything from the menu and cocktails to the lighting and decorations.

We’re lucky enough to be able to draw on our fantastic team for a breadth of ideas too. In fact, one of our team just returned from Sri Lanka and we’re now working on some new canapés based on dishes she tried out there! We’re also of course constantly inspired by things on our doorstep too; whether that’s heading out to try new restaurants or bars, or working with our local suppliers on new products or ‘hyper seasonal’ ingredients.

Working far in advance on events, particularly weddings, also means we like to be ahead of the game when it comes to suggesting themes and ideas. We have a monthly brainstorm with our team to decide on the kinds of trends we’d like to start pitching, then we work up story boards to help us develop our ideas and menus. Here’s a little taster of what we’re going to be working on over the coming months and year ahead;


Gorgeous greens, a lovely alternative to traditional flowers, plus as they’re potted, they’re alive and make excellent post-event gifts for guests too.

Japanese Wabi-Sabi

We can’t get enough of this style!

Earthenware plates

Tying in with Wabi-Sabi perfectly, using earthenware offers a much softer and warmer way to lay your tables.

Natural glasses

Dressing tables or the bar with different glasses is visually impressive and is another way to ensure you can bring your theme into the whole event – rather than just with the menu or general venue dressing.

Black cutlery

Totally different as well as being stunning if you’re opting for an on-trend black and white theme. Classy!

‘Off white’ linen

Perfect for more autumnal or winter events.

Artisan cocktails

Using foraged ingredients in particular – we love the classics but working with a range of botanicals and ingredients brings a whole new dimension.

Natural Wines

A huge trend – we’ve been talking about provenance and production methods surrounding food for years, now people are just as keen to know how their wine is produced and making choices based on this.

Sparkling sangria cocktails with Pisco

We love this! A Pisco Sour is one of our all-time faves, pairing with sparkling sangria makes it next level in our opinion.

“Sharing platters are a great way to break barriers between guests, it encourages people to chat with other guests along the table” – Story Events

The trends are our clients are wanting more and more

We have found that there has been much more focus on health and wellbeing, as well as catering towards specific dietaries such as gluten-free and vegan. Health and wellbeing has taken off over the last few years and therefore is transitioning into the events world, clients want food that will energise their guests, ‘brain food’ so to speak.

Clients love the idea of offering their guests a choice of food, so we have found that food stations are a big hit at our events from Poke to Sushi to classic American BBQ stations.

Smaller catering details, those Instagrammable moments

What better way to get an Instagrammable moment than a styled dessert station – we recently did a Midsummer Night’s Dream event where the dessert station featured ornate oversized bird cages, overgrown moss and an abundance of foliage. Not only this but getting creative with the canape trays is a great talking point for guests, as well as making the food much more appealing such as clear perspex trays which you can brand or add beautiful florals.

Incorporating larger event production

Food stations are always a big hit at our events, it gives guests a choice of delicious food to try as well as creating an informal, casual feel which works great at standing receptions. However, if you have an event that is a bit more formal where a seated dinner is required, we would suggest introducing beautiful dessert stations as this gives guests the freedom to leave their seat and network.

Sharing platters are a great way to break barriers between guests, it encourages people to chat with other guests along the table. This can be used in both formal and informal formats but just adds a more personal touch to the event!

Guests love to get involved or feel like they are a part of the event, so ‘DIY’ stations are a great way to get guests engaged from creating your own doughnut filling to making your own sushi. There is a big trend where chefs create an artwork for the dessert station on the guests table in front of their very eyes.


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