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If you thought balloons were just for children’s parties, think again.

With Bubblegum Balloons, their founders –  Laura, Sally, and Meg have taken the humble balloon and given it a new lease of life, transforming it into the ultimate feel good accessory, whatever the occasion.

Their balloons are big, bold and beautiful. Perfect for making events, brands, products, and photo shoots POP!

We are thrilled to hear from the creative trio who brought the UK something unique three years ago.

What was the catalyst for your Bubblegum Balloons business? 

We had a small online gift shop that we were looking to grow and most of all wanted to add balloons. We soon discovered a big gap in the market.  There were no cool, fun balloons available in the UK!

As a team at Bubblegum Balloons, we are all creative with an eye for detail so we started playing with ideas and soon developed unique products. As a result we cobbled together some processes and came up with a business name whilst building our website. We went live with 17 confetti filled gift balloons that you could order online. The first in the UK!

You have come so far and so quickly! What have been the biggest lessons that you have learnt along the way?

Say yes and figure how to do it afterwards. Surround yourself with a great team from your employees to your suppliers to your customers – they are key to your success.

What was the tipping point for your business when you knew you were onto something?

On the day we launched we sent out 17 gift balloons to press across London. One of those balloons landed on the desk of the person in charge of the Beauty Awards for Essentials magazine and they ordered 35 balloons. We knew then we were on to something.  It was a real moment.

What was your first major order and how did you deliver it without the production unit that you have today? 

In the early days we were working from home. Luckily we all have very understanding families who let us fill our home’s with sewing machines, cutting machines, tails and boxes! It was fun, but looking back is even funnier. Producing 60 Bubblegum Balloons with tricky rose tails for a high profile beauty brand from our front room and driving the boxes to the post office in batches was quite a feat!

Many entrepreneurs start their career as a solo entity. Being a team of three, you must be a fantastic support for each other. Do you all bring different attributes to the business?

Yes 100% we all have different backgrounds and fully believe we would never have achieved all we have achieved without the power of three.  Together we are a formidable force, giving each other the confidence to do anything we said yes to.

We learnt early on to play to our strengths and define our roles within the business. Still tweaking and developing this constantly as we grow.

You have over 30k followers on social media! Everyone is drawn in by a great image and your balloons are perfect for this, but how do you think you grew your following to this level? 

We take great pride that we have grown our Social Media following organically. Along the way we had a few big boosts. In the very early days when we had about 1000 followers we did balloons for Billie Fairies baby shower (TOWIE star) and she posted to thank us, she was lovely! We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was so exciting watching the followers on Instagram shoot up. After one day we had nearly 5000 followers more which was a great boost!

Being very active; liking peoples posts, tagging and building a community meant we quickly made friends through social media. It has been great for us.

We are going for 300k next!!  So if you are reading this it is @3BubblegumGirls 😉

We’re so excited for the future of Bubblegum Balloons… can you tell us what we can expect from you over the next couple of years?

We have lots of exciting plans ahead. We are about to move into a new space which is a game changer for us. It will finally bring our ideas to fruition so you can expect new products, ideas and range of Bubblegum Balloons products!

And hopefully 300k on Instagram 😉

Watch this space!!

With special thanks to our industry expert

Laura, Sally & Meg

Laura, Sally & Meg

Bubblegum Balloons

Bubblegum Balloons was founded by three creative friends with a passion for beautiful things. Their work has ranged from parties of the super rich to a BBC documentaries, and styling the catwalks of London Fashion Week.

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