British Airways i360° Flight

Prepare for take-off…

As we watched what looked like a spaceship landing on the beach, we were getting excited to board our British Airways flight. It promised to soar us into the clouds above Brighton.

On a blustery Saturday morning it was a welcome break from the coastal winds to step inside the British Airways 360’ experience. A glass pod that slowly rises up in to the skies. At 450ft it is the worlds tallest moving observation platform. Although it was a cloudy day, we still managed to spy the Nyetimber Vine Yard in the Sussex hills many miles away. If it wasn’t 10am in the morning, we could have also enjoyed a taste of the famous English sparkling wine at the bar.

british airways 360 flight review pearl and pear

At the top we took lots of photographs. Alongside spotting all the landmarks on our map, and taking a seat to enjoy the view. As Henry Mayhew observed in 1862;

“there is an innate desire in all men to view earth and its cities and plains from exceedingly high places. For it is an exquisite treat to all minds to find that they have the power, by their mere vision, of extending their consciousness to scenes and objects that are miles away”

The creators of the experience had a dream of building a vertical pier to achieve these goals. That is exactly what they have done. It is an engineering masterpiece!

british airways 360 flight review pearl and pear

British Airways i360 as an event venue…

Since it’s launch in October 2016. The pod has seen a variety of events. Including Christmas parties, comedy performances for Comic Relief, product launches and even weddings. When exclusively hired, for up to 175 guests, you can take advantage of the Bose sound system and 4 plasma screens. Heritage Portfolio provide the catering and with their Royal seal of approval, that will be good enough for our guests!

Be aware though that flights take just 25 minutes. As a result your event has got to be quick. Or you may need to hire more than one flight! The party continues (with a licence until 1am) on ground level in one of the flexible event spaces with adjoining terraces on the beachfront. Currently the only venue in Brighton with these features, and it’s just gorgeous. Summer parties have never looked so good.

As a daytime visitor, try go up on a blue sky day. Or for a completely different experience, we’ve heard the night time flights are a great pre-dinner drinks location. Gazing out and above the twinkling lights of the city.

british airways 360 flight review pearl and pear

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