A night in a Brick Lane prison cell.

If you like immersive experiences, theatre and cocktails – this is the one for you! Taking inspiration from Hollywood movies, Alcotraz was designed to be London’s first immersive theatrical cocktail bar. Found on Brick Lane, a short walk from Liverpool Street Station, it’s a must-do.

Get in line!

First of all the exterior looks eery, covered in barbed wire and bare shutters. Alcohol is seen as an offence in this bar and contraband is a serious no-go – but we all like to break the rules! After questioning you’re lined up and ordered to get inside.

As well as abuse, orders and cheek being hurled at you, you’re told to wear the most vibrant uniform on the shelf. Top tip: wear flats, otherwise you’ll struggle to get those killer 6″ through the overall legs. In your groups you’re taken through to a quirky prison, equipped with your own cells and Instagrammable features.

Don’t get caught.

As we said, alcohol is contraband… don’t get caught! However, if you’re daring, smuggle in your favourite spirit and talk to the right people, you might just find yourself with a personalised cocktail. They are delicious! Whatever your choice of liquor, we’re confident enough to say that you’ll enjoy what’s served. Top tip: take a few small (750ml) bottles between a group of you, then it’ll go round a few times. Why not try two different spirits also, mix it up a bit?

Stay in line!

At this point you’ll think you have got away with it, but never let your guard down – the wardens are always watching. We won’t give too much away, but we were in fits of tears (although we were meant to be serious!) when the warden confronted us. Bad behaviour gets you nowhere, but it might just make it that little more interesting. Throughout the night, quirky features are explored and Alcotraz have thought it all through, as well as other groups’ punishments adding to the entertainment. From personal prison cards to decorative memorabilia, although you’re only a short stop from Central London you’ll feel entirely remote and trapped inside.

What we loved

We can’t compliment the wardens enough, their quick quit, humour as well as their honesty are outstanding. The immersive experience is unforgettable and we haven’t stopped talking about it since. Make sure you get yourself a ticket quick, it’s a very popular pop-up. Luckily it’s here to stay.

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