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Added Dimension Events (ADE) have planned some of the most extraordinary and memorable events over the past twenty years, both in the UK and abroad for private, corporate and charity clients. Each and every event we create is a unique experience that is unforgettable for our clients.

Hi Jemima and Ella, tell us about your roles and your day-to-day tasks at Added Dimension.

Here at ADE our day to day tasks vary daily. You could find us anywhere from a field in the countryside measuring up a marquee to designing invitations with our wonderful suppliers or simply knee deep in our emails! No day is the same which is what keeps us on our toes!

Added Dimension Events have grown to become one of the leading UK event management companies. So, we’ll start with a big question – what is your most memorable event?

Jemima: As I still think about this event every day, it would have to be a family reunion that took place on a volcanic island in southern Italy for 120 guests over five days last summer. We carefully planned private transport, exclusive use of a stunning hotel overlooking an active volcano and daily activities including alfresco dinners, cocktail receptions, boat trips, beach BBQ’s, water activities, an adventure kid’s clubs and local cookery lessons. It took extensive planning, however the client’s gratitude to the ADE team at the end of the event was totally worth it and I can’t wait to plan the next one in 2020!

Ella: There’s nothing that beats a truly beautiful British summer wedding. My most memorable event would have to be the wedding of Max & Chloe last September. Picture blue skies, ivory satin tied bouquets, church choirs, vintage cars, a rustic yet refined menu, a 13-piece show-band as well as a cocktail fueled after party in a bespoke designed nightclub. The planning wasn’t without its difficulties as we built the marquee around the family’s 5 metre pond! However, the appreciation we received from both M&C and their families made this a truly memorable event for the ADE team.

As you both see so many incredible themes and designs, are there any particular that you get most excited to work on?

We are currently in the process of planning a private ‘Costa Rican’ themed birthday party. There’s nothing we love more than a client who loves to push the design boundaries. This is definitely why we are really excited about this project. On arrival guests will be served delicious cocktails in rose gold coconut glasses in a beach surrounding with parasols, surf shacks and a wooden lifeguard hut. Squirrel monkeys will circulate the reception, life size turtles will be part of the set design and a twitter of songbirds will be background noise during dinner, all to incorporate the clients love of wildlife. Dinner will be served in a rainforest surrounding with a cascading rock face waterfall as the main backdrop. We are really excited to work with so many of our wonderful suppliers on this project and will of course share the final images with you!

We have put together a selection of images that we drew inspiration on for this theme.

Where do you start? How do you begin with an enquiry and design incredible parties?

Every Monday we have a team meeting whereby we discuss all current and new projects. This is where we bring all new briefs to life, we break them down and everyone has an equal input into the design. At the end of the team meeting everyone has to present their ‘Monday inspiration’ this could be an Instagram post from a competitor, new venue openings, a newspaper article on food trends or a new app. It just keeps everyone on trend and we often draw inspiration for briefs from what everyone presents. We have a real emphasis on working as a team as our roles can be demanding so sharing the work load is key to us delivering successful events.

Where do you continuously get new ideas from? What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

As planners we are constantly scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, wedding blogs and of course the wonderful Pearl and Pear website! But more and more we find that trends are coming from across the globe so we love to take inspiration from companies such as Casa de Perrin who are a leading luxury tabletop curation and design brand based in LA. Their taste in acquisitions we believe is redefining an industry of truly ‘setting the table’.

Added Dimension travel internationally, where’s your favorite place in the world?

Jemima: I love both Southern Italy or Majorca as they give me guaranteed sunshine and that’s what I need in life! Give me fresh Mediterranean food and crisp white wine and I am happy!

Ella: Any Scandinavian country be it, Denmark, Sweden or Norway. The cities are thriving with culture and foodie hotspots. Up country summer days can be spent swimming in the fresh water lakes or winter days spent skiing in the Arctic Circle. What’s not to love about the Scandinavian lifestyle.

How have you both conquered your work/life balance?

We both agreed that you have to be strict yourself to ensure we achieve a good work life balance. The team actively encourage each other to take lunch breaks and leave the office on time where possible, especially during our quieter months. We share the responsibility for receiving weekend calls and when one of us is on annual leave we think it’s so important to respect their time to switch off. Our biggest struggle are our work phones something we really need to work on!

In conclusion, if you were to give advice to your 20-year-old self, what would it be?

Jemima: Work doesn’t just come to you, you’ve got to be hungry for it, so be bold and put yourself out there.   

Ella: Making mistakes yourself, or identifying when others have, is how you learn and progress It’s all about discovery along the way!

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