Where The Wild Things Are

A word from the planner

 “They gnashed their terrible teeth and they roared their terrible roars…”

“Where the Wild Things Are was a fabulous story for a children’s birthday party – and what better theme to celebrate the joint birthdays of two little wild things than by taking inspiration from the Maurice Sendak children’s book.

I have always loved this story – it reminds me of childhood, freedom and yearning for adventures. Since I became a parent I have loved watching my own children develop their own adventures from the comfort of their playroom or the park, or the local playground. Their sense of imagination is quite extraordinary!”

Ellie, Creative Director, A Moveable Feast.

 The Perfect Picnic Spot

The local park was the perfect location to host a fabulous party where the children – and their band of merry followers – can rush about unencumbered. Under the shade of the big Moreton Bay figs, a long picnic table at children’s height was laid. Each setting was set with a cute wicker chair, a crown, to be King of the Wild Things, and individual party boxes full of tasty treats.

The lunch boxes contained healthy snacks including crackers and guacamole, fresh berries, popcorn in branded brown paper bags, ham sandwiches and cupcakes! Each mini-guest also had an individual glass milk bottle which they could get filled up with fresh pressed juices or water from the bar.

Wild Rumpus Entertainment

A themed game of ‘pin the tail on Max’ was played throughout the afternoon to keep attention high pre-lunch. At the end of the afternoon, each child was given a ‘party bag’ containing craft supplies to make their own Wild Thing. As well as craft and games, AMF designed a mini row-boat with it’s own flying flag – this way Max could sail away to be with the Wild Things once the sun set.

Parental Entertainment

Although this was a party for children, it was important that their parents were well looked after. Gorgeous garden-party lounging areas were created as well as a beautiful bar with a full menu of drinks. A lavish grazing-style finger food menu was beautifully styled across a Wild Things food station from which guests could help themselves. The food had to be sophisticated yet also providing a relaxed buffet-style.

“The details on an event are so important to me – they make events cohesive and special. I loved designing and printing all the decals and signage. We loved creating all the details and working with fabulous local vendors to create something unforgettable”


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