Trek America 360 Launch

Trek America are one of the leading travel companies. Focused on creating unique and memorable tours to the USA, Canada, South and Central America. The launch event invited key bloggers, influencers and travel writers to celebrate new technology. A virtual reality experience taking the viewer to their four main National Parks. The launch also saw the kick off of the Trek Ambassador programme where all guests have the opportunity to become a Trek Ambassador, travel and earn commissions through working with the company.

The nature of the business is fun, quirky and a little bit different – Trek epitomise the American relaxed vibe and so the event had to reflect this. The chosen venue, Ninth Ward, has a New Orleans feel and this was enhanced to create an ‘Outback Bar’ atmosphere. As guests checked in, they were invited to ‘travel with Trek’ and were greeted by airline check in staff, had their photo taken and then inserted into their personalised passport leaving them ready to explore the event. Centre stage was the country style band Loose Change, a 3 piece playing old classics and country favourites, a Vegas area represented one of the tour destinations with Casino Tables and an extravagant showgirl adorned with sequins and feathers. The VR room was packed to the brim throughout the evening and allowed the guests to experience each national park as if they were there.


The attention to detail. The walls were adorned with vintage signs, flags and the distressed frames all contained images from Trek travellers.


‘Grand Canyon Chicken Boulders’ and ‘Yosemite Campfire Beef Burgers’ featured on the American themed menu. Drinks included a New Orleans Mule.


The nature of the event required strong guest engagement. The quirky, interactive check in started the event well with many vloggers filming the process. There was a prize for the best social post and these were displayed on a screen throughout the event.


Think American outback and country hits that are impossible not to sing along to.


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