Lavish Evening of Treats at the Tower of London

London Really Is An Amazing City

From the Crown Jewels to the infamous Tower Ravens, The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace, is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames.

With spectacular views on this cold winters evening, guests entered over a drawbridge. All were welcomed by a Yeomen Warder and greeted with a hot toddy served in a mottled silver goblet. They do say first impressions count! As the evening unfolded, guests journeyed through the seasons. From a wintery champagne reception to a picnic starter, a steamingly hot veal main course sprinkled with buttermilk foam. Then finally to a dessert table laden with indulgent treats.

Half way through the evening guests were reminded by a Beefeater that under no circumstances could they leave the venue until The Ceremony of the Keys took place. This is a tradition of locking up this fortress and the Crown Jewels within it. Incredibly, it has taken place every single night without fail for the past 700 years. No one wanted to leave even at the end of the night so this wasn’t a problem!

What The Guests Ate

The Tower of London couldn’t have been a more spectacular backdrop to indulge throughout the evening.

Sweet Treats For After

A decadent dessert station


  • Catering: Rhubarb
  • Venue: The Tower of London
  • Production: Fisher Productions
  • Floristry: Lavender Green
  • Furniture: Great Hire
  • Entertainment: Sternberg Clarke