A Pretty Halloween Slumber Party

Who said Halloween had to be scary? This beautiful not-so-spooky Slumber Party was carefully created to showcase Australia’s best Children’s party suppliers.

The idea was to create a version of Halloween and turn it into a Slumber Party fit for a princess! All the eye could see was soft pinks, purples and greys with slithers of silver.

What We Loved

Sweet Dreams and Goodnight set up a sleepover heaven like no other with their gorgeous teepee range and sleepover services. A Slumber Party is perfect for any occasion or theme! Sweet Dreams and Goodnight help to provide everything from the essentials to the whole event look and feel.

We think that this is the perfect idea for the next children’s party you are planning. For our readers in the UK you can find further inspiration and information from children’s party experts Dazzle & Fizz.

Slumber Party Treats

The Halloween whimsical dessert table was filled with plenty of spooky treats, printed cookies, webbed donuts as well as eclairs, all by Lamanna Patisserie. As with every Slumber Party popcorn is a necessity, this time Cobs Popcorn came to the party providing the perfect snack. For a UK alternative, check out MonAnnie Cakes here.

The children loved all the spooky treats and eats, and gravitated around that area!

Table Styling

A beautifully decorated table was over-flowing with holographic party ware and metallic stationery. These extra elements gave the table a WOW factor, which was needed to compete with the overarching balloon installation that dripped from the exterior of the house.

For further event inspiration, check out Bubblegum Balloons and Emilie Rose stationary in the Pearl & Pear Shop.

A Play Dough Corner & Magical Entertainment

Happy Hands, Happy Heart, an Australian natural Play Dough brand, set up a gorgeous arts and crafts corner.

Event planners tell Pearl & Pear that it “is super important to include a group activity when planning a kids party – it is a great form of entertainment and allows you to take a few steps back and have a breather!”

In addition, the princesses were entertained by a beautiful fairy from Lil Critters whilst wearing Halloween outfits provided by the go to designer Tutu Du Monde (available in the UK too!)


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