Pandora Shine SS2018 Launch

Pandora jewellery launches have historically been super gorgeous – Pandora Shine was no exception. Jason James Design was commissioned to create the overall design, styling and production for the Australian launch.

The Pandora Shine collection

This season, Pandora taps into the sun’s gorgeous glow, bringing the stunning golden hues of their jewellery to life. The overall concept of the design was inspired by nature, the energy of sunshine, honeycomb motifs and utilising the Pandora honeybee charm for inspiration. The honeybee is a symbol of determination and power, delicate and strong at the same time.

The Venue

Working within Sydney’s iconic The Calyx venue, located within the Royal Botanic gardens, Jason and his team created a series of immersive experiences within the picturesque venue and botanic surrounds.

An instagrammable moment

On entering the venue, guests began their journey along a reflective gold honeycomb pathway. This showcased the jewellery range in all it’s ‘shine’. Wanting to create an iconic Instagram moment, an Instagram swing was built within a bespoke honeycomb structure, cascading with yellow and gold spring florals. This proved to be a hit with guests, admiring model Lucy Blay floating in her white gown amongst the picturesque surroundings.

The party entertainment

Guests were transported throughout the event by an interpretive and hypnotic modern dance performance. The dancers were choreographed on gold mirrored hexagons floating within the Island of The Calyx. They performed in front of a yellow and white balloon installation reflective of a deconstructed honeycomb. Renowned Sydney Harpist Jake Meadows performed throughout the event.

What we loved

Jason and his team created a 12 metre long grazing table. They set the scene with gold-mirrored hexagons to display the food and a floral backdrop of foliage. A 6 metre long gold mirrored Pandora sign with a hexagonal motif decorated the beautiful atrium. This reflected the lush surrounds. Guests were immediately transported on entering the glasshouse. They were immersed in a space floating with masses of gold reflective balloons as well as jumbo white and yellow balloons that floated amongst the beautiful green walls.


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