Pandora Jewellery Launch

Pandora jewellery launches are always going to pretty just by their nature. However if you add a sea of balloons in a swimming pool, a pink floral garden and a Sydney Harbour view – it is going to be spectacular.

Jason James Design was commissioned to design, style and plan the launch of the 2017 Spring Summer Pandora Jewellery collection in a private residence. Here at Pearl & Pear, we love what he created.


One of the main focal points of the design was a beautiful, feminine, and fashion focused floral garden which was installed amongst the jewellery display consisting of various size white, pink and laser cut metal plinths…


The second and most dramatic design feature was the mass of various sized balloons in the Pandora colour palette dressing the walls of the swimming pool. They cascaded down from various heights into the water. This offered guests the opportunity to enter the pool zone to capture an Instagram moment.


A beautiful and lux grazing table greeted guests as they entered the living room space. A series of white and pink plinths/risers dressed the table at various heights. These displayed savory canapés, presented in a modern version of a classic dessert station. Each canapé was custom designed with precision, and displayed in quirky and modern individual white vessels. Also, a custom designed cake was created by celebrity baker and cake artist @katherine_sabbath.


3 metre high custom designed ‘DO’ letters were built and positioned within the garden capitalising on the view. Guests and the styled ‘Pandora Boys’ posed in front of the iconic sign, with the view in the background. This captured the ultimate, interactive ‘Pandora’ Instagram moment.

The Chill Zone

‘Chill’ zones featuring large floor cushions, rugs, coffee tables and ottomans in Pink and Blue were styled to the front of the letters; creating an alternate breakout zone/photo moment with a more relaxed vibe.

The breakout space was created under the covered terrace, taking advantage of the ‘DO’ letter installation and iconic Sydney view. Furniture pods were created using shades and tones of pink, blue and white, hand painted cushions, and feature rugs denoting the space.

Check out more from Jason James Design, and his incredibly styled birthday party here.


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