A stunning Japanese collaboration | Maiko vs. Manga

A word from the planner

“This Japanese collaboration was inspired by the concepts of past, present and future. We incorporated the juxtaposition of each through contemporary Japan traditions as well as style. We hope you are as enchanted by this modern love story as we are.”

Creative Director, A Moveable Feast

What we loved

As well as being amongst gorgeous blossom fields, A Moveable Feast pieced together a stunning simplistic tablescape. Using a low white table, the catering space created an informal setting arrangement as guests perched on cushions. Also, white cubic displays were centred, encased inside were stunning florals and branches of pinks, whites and purples. Very Instagrammable!

Japanese collaboration in catering

A vibrant colourful feast was designed to add pops of colour and luxury cuisine. Beautifully garnished edamame beans and sushi rolls added textures, traditions and delicious delicacies to the table.

Japanese Geisha

Also adding traditions were beautiful Geisha dressed head to toe in patterns and florals. As well as being in a beautiful setting, these models were styled as traditional maiko dancers.


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