Festival in the Sky at Sushi Samba

The festival in the sky theme stemmed from a brief to create a fun filled, exciting and engaging environment for a company’s 15th anniversary. The chosen venue, Sushi Samba, was transformed and became the perfect outdoor festival space. The main restaurant became the ‘Main Stage’ complete with Glastonbury style stage, four separate themed bars were created including the flag lined ‘Bale Bar’ on the terrace, where an exclusive Whisky cocktail was served on a bed of hay. The private dining room became a secret garden complete with liquid nitrogen ice cream, smoking experimental cocktails and toadstool seating.

With the event split over two floors of the Heron Tower skyscraper, this allowed Story Events to create a playful space that guests could explore, with lots of little details to ensure that the event felt personal and represented the personality of the brand. All staff were styled to fit with the theme, the sushi trays were branded with edible powder, the Dark & Stormy cocktails were served in beer bottles wrapped in brown paper and the festival logo sticker. As guests arrived they were given a festival lanyard, wristband and a branded phone charger just in case their batteries died during the festival.


The journey created for the guests by encouraging them to discover the different bars and rooms created intrigue. By having branded invites and each element of the event styled as well as shipping 10 tonnes of grass to the roof to cover the main space, the festival feel was well and truly captured.









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