A High Energy Neon Bat Mitzvah

“We transformed One Embankment from a dark shell into a bright, vibrant, neon haven for a high energy Bat Mitzvah. Guests entered the party through a bespoke neon mirrored tunnel. At the end, the room was filled with neon wonders – a stunning bespoke iridescent stage set with neon ribbon and furniture with bright acrylic tops glowed under the ultra violet lights.”

Phoebe Hexton, GSP Events

Dessert Heaven

The pièces de résistance had to be the immersive pudding room complete with a popcorn bath, doughnut wall, chocolate fountain, sweetie bar and bespoke sweetie photo set.

Show-stopping entertainment

The evening was full of entertainment! From the get go aerial performers danced from the ceiling, a wheel acrobat spun on stage, LED dancers interacted with guests and a not-to-miss performance by the singer RAYE wow’d all the guests! And that’s just to name a few…

A Bat Mitzvah Feast

The mezzanine level offered a variety of cuisines. Food ranged from an amazing Italian station inspired by The River Café to a sushi bar and American style diner.


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