#Hibernot: Land Rover celebrate whatever the weather!

#Hibernot is Land Rover’s celebration of all things wintertime – whatever the weather.

We are so thankful to leave winter behind us. But there are somethings best enjoyed on a crisp morning as the sun rises…


ER London Ltd created the world’s first drive-through, on top of East Sussex’s highest peak (Firle Beacon). In addition to, serving food prepared by Michelin Starred chef, Simon Rogan, to 60 special guests.

Arriving in Land Rover vehicles, guests pulled up to the drive-through. Once fed. They continued up to the peak of Firle Beacon. Guests were then invited to a bespoke ‘pop-up’ dining area to enjoy an exquisite three-course meal.

Seating 60 diners, the architectural structure created a stunning juxtaposition of modernism against a quintessentially British country landscape. Offering diners spectacular 360 degree views of the beautiful South Downs.  An innovative backdrop to a truly unique culinary experience! The food was described as “a taste sensation” by one guest – while another commented, “this is such a great way to experience the beauty of Britain’s countryside”.


LAND (meat), SEA (fish) and EARTH (vegetarian) dishes, designed to reflect the Great British landscape. Guests had a taste of the “future of fine-dining” and culinary innovation at its best. The earthy sounding dessert of Carrot, Sea Buckthorn, Parsley and Liquorice went down a treat!


Guests took time to explore the Firle Beacon area in a driving experience, deploying Land Rover’s off-road technology to take on the rural terrain.



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