Halloween takeover at ‘Head-saw’ House

When Halloween takes over Pearl & Pear we must show you the most spooktacular Real Events. Today we send you down the eery path of Hedsor House for an out of this world party.

A Halloween Mansion

Bespoke Events London created a haunted mansion party for 300 guests. At every corner and on very bookcase guests could find the creepiest of treasures and tricks.

The Event

The party started outside as guests approached the house lit with green smoke and a dreary atmosphere. Once inside doors creaked and guests were greeted with a giant spider’s web suspended with the bodies of the victims. The haunted mansion was filled with Halloween wonders and rooms to lose yourself in, and meet the ghouls of the house. All concluding with guests partying the night away in the haunted circus complete with creepy clowns!

What we loved

As guests walked into their dining room for the evening they found heaps of severed body parts and organs before entering the experimental drawing room filled with potions and preserved body parts. If blood and guts aren’t your thing – then look away now!


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