The detail makes the journey

A word from the planner

“We had the honour of creating a very special Airline client event, held for their high-profile customers in London. Our brief was to create an event that would express how valued the company find their customers, as well as an opportunity for HQ representatives to gain personal feedback about the brand. From the start the aim was to create a memorable journey for the guests, whilst creating a brand storyline throughout the event.”

Natalia Hollingsworth, Director at Golborne Events

Where else than the iconic Wallace Collection?

Nestled amongst the stylish boutiques of Marylebone, the Wallace Collection is an exquisite setting. It was the perfect venue to bring the level of elegance and exclusivity necessary for this event. Also, it tied in the client’s French and Dutch links by choosing the galleries that focused on art from those countries.

A detailed journey

The whole evening was tied together with the recurring motifs of air travel and the client’s top destinations, the stationery was no exception. By working with Cutture we created a skyline design and storyline for the event. It was these fine details that tied the whole creative theme together. We created bespoke invitations, menus, place cards and table-name cards that captured the essence of travel. Each table, named after and decorated in the style of a top destination, had its own unique double-sided laser cut landmark table name card. These were tied together to create a skyline of destinations which we used on the invitations. The place cards featured a laser cut aeroplane against a sky of clouds with guest names scribed by a calligrapher that matched the invitations.

  Welcome Aboard

The sun had already set as guests arrived at the Wallace Collection. The building was lit in the company’s brand colours and storm lanterns lined the drive way guiding guests into the venue. At the entrance guests were welcomed and registered online via iPads by our host team dressed in the airline uniforms.

A classical evening

Once inside guests made their way up the grand staircase, which was decorated either side with oversized floral displays, they then made their way up to the gilt adorned landing to the drawing rooms for the reception. Here guests were welcomed on the landing by a glass of champagne and the beautiful music of our violinist Sally who played a traditional set with her classical violin.

The Courtyard for dinner

Following the standing starter course guests were invited to the contrasting contemporary central glazed Courtyard. With its soaring glass roof and marble floor, the courtyard is a perfect blank canvas allowing us to personalise the space for our client. The perimeter was beautifully uplit to complement the internal décor and stonework. The south wall was washed in the client’s brand colour which also emphasised the architecture and added depth to the room. Here, Sally returned to perform with a contemporary twist – an LED electric violin, this time accompanied by our Saxman, André.

 What we loved

Each table was adorned with breathtaking floristry provided by Wildabout Flowers, that individually represented the client’s top destinations. Highlights were; a table designed around Cape Town. Wooden crates were stacked with planted herbs and flowers in beautiful berry red tones, ranging from burgundy to plums to more vivid red and green tones. Surrounding were a few South African wine bottles filled with individual stems of flowers, foliage’s and fruit. Another, was a Shanghai design incorporating black glass vases with textured and structured flowers and foliage which included orchids, red hydrangea and gingers with folded palms snake grass in Chinese oriental vases. The vases were surrounded by black candles, short stemmed bamboo, Chinese lanterns and red tealights giving a clean modern and structural feel to the design.

Finally, a Tokyo centre included clusters of cylinders with small white stones at their base, one filled with water and accompanied by an elegant floating candle. The other cylinders featured beautiful silk cherry blossom, which gave the effect of bursting out of the top of the cylinders.

Award-winning performances

Following dinner, the finale was performed in the Courtyard provided by Connect, a shadow show which brought to life the client’s top destinations. Dancers cleverly used shadows and movement to create everything from aeroplane’s gliding through the air to elephants being hand-fed. The performance encompassed the idea of “journey” which had been a motif throughout the event. The awe inspiring performance received an enthusiastic standing ovation from the guests and was the perfect way to bring the evening to a close.


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