Adobe Summit at Excel – 3000 guests

Adobe Summit: What does it entail?

Adobe Summit is hosted every year. And as a result challenges Adobe Systems and Taylor Bennett Partners to create a fun party space for 3000 guests in conjunction with their EMEA Summit at ExCeL.

This year featured a futuristic garden. Including tall space-ship like tree features. A digital forest. LED virtual reality swings. An interactive waterfall with brain freeze served at the base. VIP deck house with a flavoured bubble volcano. Drone racing. As well as a laser heavy stage to showcase the headline act… Two Door Cinema Club!

Guests entered through an LED walkway. Dressed with cascading ivy and pumped full of fresh moss scent. Guided straight into the digital forest, made up of rows of 4m high trees. Nestled between stone gabion benches, and surrounded by back to back flat screen monitors. Showing magical forest content.

Stepping to the right of the forest, they were invited by a team of hosts to take a seat on one of 16 large LED swings (fabricated in China and brought over especially for the event). Once guests put on a headset they experienced 360 degree views of the northern lights. As well as a host of wild elephants, and an underwater experience. Or a jungle environment.

The Waterfall

Further exploration unveiled a dramatic 6m high projection mapped waterfall with blacktrax motion system, displaying movement response in the water flow from guests ‘touching’ the water with sticks. Once they have played in the waterfall, guests were invited to take a brain freeze slush puppy as they stepped off the stone platform.

More Entertainment

Other entertainment included a large drone racing cage with VR headsets. A tilt brush area, mash machine pod for pudding as well as DJs where sound samples were mixed and downloaded to USB. If this wasn’t enough, a 360 degree sequential firing photo booth delivered giff videos for instant social media sharing. As a result, guests interaction was high. Certainly an Instagrammable event not to mis!

The Band

Party band The Earth Lights kicked off the show with a great set of party tunes, warming up the dance floor nicely for alt-pop band Two Door Cinema Club who proved to be a fantastic hit with the crowd. The evening was finished off with Benny Blanco DJ and his band, the All Stars.

All areas were dressed with fauna from Palmbrokers by a team of wonderful freelance set dressers brought on to the project by the planner. The main set elements were built by Clockwork Scenery and all things technical were provided by Hawthorn.

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