Zia Lucia – a brand new Pizzeria to watch out for!

Independent pizzeria, Zia Lucia, is opening a new local restaurant in Brook Green. Launching tomorrow, Saturday 3rd February it’s one for the list. Secondly to the first restaurant in Islington they are bringing their authentic Italian ‘neighbourhood pizzeria’ to the West.

The Zia Lucia Menu

The menu has become renowned for its impressive selection of 48-hour slow-fermented doughs. The menu includes traditional white flour, gluten free as well as vegetable charcoal black base. For the launch month, a limited edition, green vegetable dough will be added to the menu. The ‘Brook Green Dough’ will add to the creative and constantly evolving pizza list.

Claudio, Co-Founder describes the decision to bring Zia Lucia to Brook Green: ‘Gianluca and I used to live in the area, it is where we met and we still have plenty of friends there who have been crying out for our pizzas.”

Gianluca adds: “The area embraces our “neighbourhood” spirit and we hope to become the go-to destination for pizza- lovers in the West End”.

Toppings range from irresistible Italian favourites such as fiery nduja, spicy spianata salami and truffle honey. The menu will also feature seasonal specials.

The drinks menu focuses on spritzes, Zia’s famous Negronis, bottled beers from Italy as well as locally brewed in London. As well as wine and prosecco sourced from small Italian producers back home.

With a seated capacity of 50, including an outside area, Zia Lucia in Brook Green will share the ingredients and values of its first Islington restaurant. In conclusion, from its unique doughs through to its community ethos it will bring genuine Italian pizza to West London patrons.

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